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I'm sitting here in the university. Waiting on a computer to open up with the only large format scanner in the city attached to it. Behind me, a woman is tickling the ivories as she has been for the last two hours.

I've tried to use my own scanner at home and it absolutely butchers everything I scan on it. So, rather than let it butcher a commission for a paying customer or the piece I'm working on for a very ill friend of mine, I wait.... The university closes in less than fifteen minutes. If she doesn't get off by then I'm SOL.

She's not using the scanner. She's just sitting on the computer that has it on there.

If I ask her to move so I can get to it, that makes ME the asshole.

Jesus Christ. I hate going out in public these days. People are morons. "Yes, let's sit next to this neat little computer that has the only working scanner here, and tie it up for the entire day :D"

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Submitted on
December 13, 2008