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YAY! :iconjelliclekitten: convinced me to tag myself o.o W00t.

The first 15 people who reply and ask me to be featured, I will go through their gallery and pick my three favorite deviations, that I will feature up here.

"The catch is that to qualify, you MUST post a similar journal, this gives us an opportunity to really appreciate and support this lovely artistic global community we've got going on here. Oh, and the pictures aren't ranked in any specific order."

1.):icondraw6bd: ; )  Now I'm personally biased for teh Lou. He's awesome.  Pokemon, Pirates of Darkwater, Marvel...This guy's got it all. He even likes GUNDAM!  :3 And of course I love micros. That's actually how I got started. So here goes.
1. Progeny-X: AGAIN with the BIAS! @.@ I love Marvel. X-men are fantastic. And this is a good shot of all the right babies. :3 These were the couples I really wanted to see. He's got shading and the characters actually have form to them unlike some micros I see.…
2. Demona-Future Tense: Do I really have to elaborate here? It's Demona. She's from Gargoyles. EEE! Gargoyles! ^.^ Yeah and he captured all her gear, her gorgeous hair and made it LOOK like DEMONA. Mmm I'm jealous.…
3.  Weird Sisters Fey Form: Yes another Gargoyles one. ^_^ Lou has an awesome skill with micros of women. I really enjoy them alot. And besides, who doesn't like harpy bitches from hell? ^.^ Especially when he captures them like THAT?!…

I like Lovely's artwork for two reasons, one she's daring with her poses and two, she's willing to try positions and settings that most artists at any stage shy away from and she executes it well. There's been a lot of development in this gallery and I'll show my three favorites here.
1. Rekindled Passion: I like the poses, I enjoy them immensely.…
Pardon the links again guys, I don't have a subscription. x.x College budgets suck.
2. .Luna_Sherbert_Sesshomaru. Normally I'm not too partial to photographs, but some that are well set up and have good lighting make my A-list. This one of those. I love the color and the lighting especially.…
3. Sweet Kiss: This one reminds me a bit of a tarot card set I used to have.…

3.):icongargoyleblade: Again, lots of growth in this gallery, and I'm looking forward to seeing more ^.^
1. Mevia: I like guns. I can't draw guns. But I like them. Awesome job on both the armament and the hand holding it. And her horns are fantastic, I'm a huge fan of those that go back over the skull.…
2. Duck:texture : EEEE! XD DUCKLING! **glomp** I love fuzzy things too. And this one with it's texture is adorable. He looks like he could feature in a video game.…
3. friendly happy birthday: Awesome use of clean lines and coloring looks pretty solid ^_^. Getting the hang of layers can be hard but once she's got it she'll be blowing everyone away. Rock!…


Comment...all the cool kids are doing it! @.@ Doooooo eeeet!  I wanna see what's in YOUR WALLE--I mean your gallery. Yuh. Your gallery.

Still open for commissions and no one claimed my 5000 or 6000 landmark, so I guess who ever claims 6.5k gets a kiriban... >.>
Sketch: $10 for a single character, discounts on groups, just ask.
Digitally colored with Photoshop: $20 for one character, five dollars for additonal characters.
Digitally colored with background: $40 with $7 dollars for additional characters.

Note me or Email me with information about what you want and I'll get back to you ASAP!
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corvidus Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007
THERE'S NOTHING IN MY GALLERY...I just wanted to be a 'bastid' and comment here.. maybe if I put something IN my gallery then you can tell me it's crap but say 'i love you anyway munchy' ^_^
Alkaline-Lady Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
I do love you even if you don't have anything in your gallery, Munchy ; )
GargoyleBlade Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2007   Filmographer
DrAw6BD Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2007
Tag, tag.
LovelyLadyGray Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2007  Professional Artisan Crafter
I'd like to be featured in ur journal but I'm not big on doing Journal entries here on DA! ;p
rickcressen Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Tag yourself, huh?

...I won't go there. XP
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