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So I've been put on a drug called Flexeril for a microtear to the muscle in my right shoulder/upper back. It makes me so tired it's not funny and I can't put things together well.
I called my Aunt Jennifer today while I was at work and she told me to go home. Called Campus security to take me back to the dorm, and then. Then I flopped. From three o clock to seven thirty at night, got back up, played some WoW and only -now- am I getting tired.
I don't think I'll take it before work. But I'll take some after work tomorrow.
I've missed so much work lately it's not funny and I feel bad because I leave my coworkers to deal with the slack I'm not picking up. I might as well pop more painkillers, push myself through the shift and get ready to go home Monday night.
Hooray for Thanksgiving break. Hooray for muscle relaxants. Hooray for...numb backs. Mrrr sammich.
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suricata5 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2007
I was taking an anti-anxiety med called klonopin and it would totally knock me out sometimes - it can be frustrating, especially trying to deal with college and work. Is there any way you can take a smaller dose? Hopefully your body will get used to it.
SirPointy Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2007
*rubs your back and feeds sammiches* Hope you're feeling better hun :/
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November 18, 2007