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I've been punching out requests and stuff left and right and trying to get somethings in on the side for myself as well but here's how it's going.

Request: Shanpe's Venemous Lady: 100%
Request: StephenSJR's Roxanna Hershey 100%
Art-Trade: Misschievious 100%
Request: Kossmoe: 10% (still having a hard time visualizing)
My birthday is next week on April 20th, so I won't be here, I'll be in Salem with my boyfriend! (squee! <3) But I wanted to do a quick update.
I did manage to get my internship with Bank of America, so, hopefully I will be able to make enough money to get through the college year's tuition (that is if I make the grades, cross your fingers guys) without much problem. If not, then there's probably no way in hell I can afford it seeing as the US government thinks my parents are richer than they really are and I have no money to spare after gas and some food.
I got through my short-story submission to my creative writing class but I don't know how people in class will react so here's hoping.

Status on pieces in the works are as follows:
Request: Shanpe: 50% (I'm so sorry, but for some reason the pose doesn't want to cooperate)
Art-Trade: Misschievious: 50% (pencils and inking is done, so now I need to scan it in and color it up and maybe tag on a background)
Request: StevenRSJr: 50% (actually I can give you a few linearts are the end of this, since I do studies of just about everyone I draw, so I've got two pictures of Roxanna in the works, one in a bikini and another in a very dynamic pose. :) )
Gift-Art: Drkdragonrage: (40-50% I've got bazillions of pictures of her, now I have to decide which one I like and color it)
MGC and AMGC submissions: MGC: 40%  AMGC: 0%
Well, I've made it through last week and into this one. Let's hope it goes better than it has been.
Last week, I managed to get sick. What started out as a sore throat, turned into a full blown horrible cold. Then to make it all just peachy keen, on the way home from the University at about 10:30 at night, I hit a deer and did over a thousand dollars worth of damage to the car.
Everybody is okay, I'm still sick, and I feel bogged down with school work.
Thank whatever goddess watches over me now that I have a vacation coming up on my birthday next week April 20th (no month name jokes please) where I go to Salem, Mass and stay in a beautiful hotel with my wonderful boyfriend and shop until I'm broke (which won't take long).
I've finished one of three requests I've taken on, that one being Stephi's gargoyle character, and I'm in the process of working on tons of studies of Shanpe's request (I'm doing venemous lady by the way, she's gotten all sexed up) and I'm waiting for another request from one of my favorite colorists/graphic designers on DevArt. I'm also working on a gift art for a friend here at the unversity, but again, I've been doing tons of studies so it's a slow process.
I don't know when final exams are but I'm afraid to look at my GPA for meteorology and my Religions of the World classes. They've probably brought it down at least a few points, but I'm hoping that my Painting, Math for Biz and Economics, and Creative writing will make up for part of it.

Status so far:
Short story for Creative Writing: 10%
Request Art for Silent Stephi: 100%
Request Art for Shanpe: 50%
Request Art for StevenRSJr: 0% (waiting for descrip and fun stuff like that)
So yeah, I'm now at 508 pageviews, and I DID say that whoever posted first claiming to have the 500th pageview would get a free piece done to their liking.
My milestone has come and gone without much ado, seeing as I missed the some odd 28 page views it took to put me over (strange to think I haven't touched a computer with internet capacity in a few days I guess, or have I?) my goal.
I still am willing to do one or two request pieces if people would be kind enough to submit them. I'll check comments and notes, so don't be shy if you want something. Again, I'm always eager to get a lovely art-trade in return (I do so love pictures of my character Ryuua from D&D, and of course Jet, a kercpe, and Mercedes the gargoyle).
So please, I'm bored, submit a request, the worst that could happen is I'd say "I don't have the time".
I've noticed by now that most Deviant Art artists do something special on landmark pageviews for people. I've decided that since I'm so close to the 500 mark and want very much to reach the 1000 mark, that the first art I'll do for a guest will be at 500, and then another at 1000. The only way I'll be able to tell this of course is if you post on the journal entry recognizing these competitions. Basically,you'll have to raise your hand on the net and scream "ME ME ME ME ME!!!" Whoever posts first gets the art, sorry but that's the way it goes.

Of course I always do nice cheap commissions and I'd love to do art trades,and may even have time for requests since I'm always looking for a way to get out of my meteorology homework or business and economics homework.:)

So, if you take a look at this page,  like what you see and want a piece of art, refresh the page a bunch a times and post. I won't know the difference!
Just like every other half-baked artist on this site that seems to think their talent is half worth it's salt, I have to mention it.

I do commissions. Not just art pieces like pen-paper and digital coloring either. I also do, altar cloths and prayer boxes, or ritual boxes, whichever you prefer to call them.

Ritual boxes, for those of you who don't know, are a place to put your sacred tools. And by sacred I don't mean you pen and pencils, or your school supplies (though I can't dictate that the boxes I paint are NOT for that purpose either). Many who understand the use of these boxes are either Wiccan or Pagan or some kind of spiritual mystic who uses "sacred" materials as opposed to the "profane" mundane objects to work their magic. I varnish a small trunk, line it with fabric I feel suits the design ( or if you so choose, you can send fabric along that you'd like to see in your box) I hand-paint on the top of the ritual box.

Price List:
     -B&W character rendering- $5.00 US
     -Color (colored through photoshop)- $15.00

I will approve with the customer a quick rendered sketch of the character they have asked for, as well as color scheme etc, and then finish the piece. I ask that if you change your mind half-way through, let me know. I reserve the right to use any image I create on DA or on another website for advertisement or commercial profit.

    -Altar Cloths-
        -price varies by material used, complexity of design, legnth of time it takes to make etc.
     Like with the ritual boxes, and with the drawings, I will confirm a concept drawing of the item described, then proceed with the creation process. Final price will be agreed upon by both parties before anything takes place, and half the amount agreed upon needs to be paid in advance to cover material costs.

   -Ritual box Prices-
      Small-$10 (this is about the size to keep a deck of cards in, or several precious stones, or small ritual items)
      Medium- $40 (about the size to fit a few ritual tools, such as candles, ritual athames, bolines, precious stones etc)
      Large- $60 (good size to put small books, like your grimoire in, small statuary, I was able to fit all of my ritual tools and what not in it)  
Half the price of the ritual box must be sent in advance to my paypal account at the beginning of the transaction in order to cover material expense. I will approve the general design and color scheme with the customer ahead of time, and then paint the design described on the lid of the box and/or the front of the box. Because you are committing to buy the item (and asking me to spend my time, varnishing, finishing, lining, painting and sealing) I can't refund the beginning amount (15$ for small and 25$ for large).
The boxes themselves are made of pine, and are very light, and can be stained to just about any color preference and I can paint just about anything on the front in about any color scheme you'd like.
    If you would like to pay for the materials and have something done custom, we can discuss price of labor, shipping and handling as well.

As the artist, I reserve the right to use any image I create (giving credit to the original mind who came up with it) on Deviant Art and or on other sites, possibly for commercial profit and advertisement. If this happens, I'll be happy to let the customer know, but I won't pay "royalties" on using an image I painted/drew etc.

Pictures will become available.

Thank you. **bows** And now for something completely different.
Briar44 did this in her journal recently, I thought I'd do this too, since I like having a profile to work from.

1) What's your character's name? Mercedes
2) How old is he/she? In Garg years, probably in her twenties or so, in human years more like thirties or forties.
3) Is your OC a boy or girl? female
4) What's his/her race? Gargoyle

1) If this character were to suddenly become part of the 3D world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get? Depends on if it were in an anime/cartoon con, or on Halloween. Take away the gigantic wings, claws on digits and the tail and she might pass for human.
2) Is your character considered normal in his/her own world? Perfectly normal.
3) What would be his/her most recognizable feature(s)? Her earrings. The aztec artifacts that cover her delicate pointed ears
4) Would you consider your OC as attractive?: Most definately. I've always had a thing for latino girls.

1) Temper: Generally sweet natured but in that sort of tomboyish mechanic/fighter kind of way. You know, the type that can be some what irritating if you're around them too long?
2) Does your character ever get depressed? Not depressed. Definately upset with the workings of the world. Seeing as most of the third race have it in for her species I'd get blue too.
3) Leader or Follower? Follower mainly but would love leadership. She's the type happy in either position. However if there's something Mercedes disagrees with she's not the type to clam up about it.
4)What is the main aspect of his/her personality? Other than being a bit of a Green party member? Well, she's very loving but also incredibly possessive and territorial.

1) Does your OC have a family of any sort? The South American clan of gargoyles. Turquesa/Turqoise, Obsidiana etc.
2) Is your character out on his/her own? Not truly. If she leaves, even if her mate were to come with her, she'd have to leave her pendant behind, meaning she'd turn to stone during the day. She values her life lived at all hours, not just in daylight.
3) Has he/she encountered any traumatizing events? Traumatizing in that she clams up about painful memories, yes. Gargoyle life in that part of the world is a bit like being a silver-back gorrilla. You put up or you shut up, or you get beaten the crap out of.
4) What was probably the best time in his/her life so far? Meeting her companion, Ryu.

1) Single? Nope. Her mate is the martial artist Gargoyle, come from Clan Ishimura. Strangely, he's got a beak, he looks a bit like a certain scottish red-skined garg only.
2) Has your OC developed any romantic relationships? Definately. Her mate is bound to her and she to him.
3) Virgin? Hardly. They've got plans to visit AMGC later.
4) Does your character like flirting? Very much so, but she limits herself to Ryu.

1) What animal would you associate your OC with? Probably a bear, that or a gorrilla. She's got the possessive thing, independent streak going on, along with violent tendencies and the urge to be playful as well.
2) Musical Instrument? A church vesper, since she's got a deep rich tone to her.
3) Element? Fire, or earth, stubborn and hotheaded.
4) Planet? Jupiter. Violent storms of temper, but beautiful to look at, surrounding her self with loved ones.

Showing the Love:
1) Do you draw your character? All the time.
2) Do you write about him/her?Not yet.
4) What other ways have you appreciated your OC?  Immortalized her in my meteorology notes. Lol.

1) Is your character wanted for anything? Environmental eco-terrorism. Forget chaining herself to a tree, she'll chain others.
2) What are three weaknesses in him/her? She hides things, things that should be shared, and may yet get her in trouble with her mate or clan. She's overly stubborn, again may lead to her downfall. Her hothead is over some strange things, as well as valid things.
3) Strengths? Her brazen ability to say what she thinks, even if it gets people angry. Truth needs voice and she is that. She's incredibly strong physically, thanks to those earrings and to her own make up. Her mate brings temperence to her strength, and she brings strength to his temperence.
4) Does your OC drink or smoke (ect.)? No.
5) What's one quirk about him/her? She gives people affectionate nicknames, that even though they might stick can be a bit irksome.
6) Does your character have any phobias? She's terrified of the open ocean. Having your clan leader dump you into one when you were young, as a punishment has that effect.
7) What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage? Hateful rhetoric about her species, those who choose to simply befoul their homes etc.
8) Does your OC like chickens? In her belly, yes

The Final Question:
What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like?
She's my baby. I've nurtured her, like an alter-ego. She's my qualities, exaggerated. I love her as I love all the characters I create.
I'm not one to blog. In fact, I rather hate the idea of spilling my darkest, innermost thoughts out to someone on the internet and I'm also apalled and disgusted by the number of people who think that writing something on an internet website makes them deep and worth speaking to for more than five minutes.
I'm not sitting here with a set of keys marked "omniscient vehicle of god", and I'm certainly not going to blither on like an idiot about how I cut myself in order to get the idea across to people that I mean business.
Children chatting on about World War 2 thinking that they know the meaning of life, they know every curve ball someone is going to throw. They frustrate and anger me to the point where I want to murder them.
The point of this is to get this bit of data off my brain and into something a little less personal, to take a "byte" out of it so to speak.
Right now I'm sitting here at 12:15 am after having a tiff with my boyfriend about putting things back where they were. You know, Barney stuff. I'm nursing a can of diet pepsi, and wondering whether or not I should lose myself in the pages of an outdated Dragon magazine, or live with the dull ache in my heart. Not because of the things we discussed during our heated and probably illness driven spat, but because of things that no one seems to sympathize with.
There are times where I catch myself in an out of body experience, in a sort of euphoric dream state, a perfect contentment where I can't even remember the sound of my own name. June doesn't exist there, it's just me. Not June Cateland Howard, born on April 20th of 1987 but just me, the spirit that I'm certain has been recycled over and over throughout history. I'm not arrogant, I'm not hot-headed, I have no temper, no worries, no doubts or even passion. Then...I catch myself in it and I curse and look up at the sky wondering why oh why do the gods let me taste that ambrosia. Just a taste, never more than that. Reality always comes flooding back.
When I come back, I'm dissapointed. It's my first heart-ache all over again, replayed on fast-track so it's over in a second, leaving only a lingering, dull throb in my head as I pray that I either don't catch myself doing it, or that I never do it again, because once I'm back, there's an unblockable voice that whispers, "one of these days June, you're going to die". I'm June again, I'm mortal again.
The one thing that keeps me here I think is that blissful euphoria, nearly identicle, when I'm truly with my mate. I'm one with him, he doesn't exist, June doesn't exist. We're together, in mind and spirit and for a few moments before the world comes crashing back in, we're not human. We've transcended.
I think, I'm going to take a menstrual relief pill, my 1987 issue of Dragon and my Diet Pepsi to bed with me, and hope maybe to get some rest before this all sets into my brain and I decide maybe those brief moments aren't worth it.
So there's the monthly topic for MGC up, as well as for AMGC. For MGC: Gargoyles in the tropics or on the beach. For AMGC: Your favorite Gargoyles couple.

Two problems. For MGC I was thinking something cute like Bronx having popped a beach ball, or even a mer-goyle or mermaid gargoyle since I think there is such thing as a mergoyle. I can't decide which. The second, I'm totally stuck on, since I have so many favorites. Demona and Thailog, Eliza and Goliath, Fox and Xanatos.....I'm stuck. Any suggestions for either of them?
My boyfriends' wonderful dog Isis was hit and killed by a car today. I've only known her for about a year, but she was still a wonderful dog, perfectly patient, loving and understanding.
I came in the door about two hours ago and found Monty's car in the driveway. Wondering what was going on I called for him and he came out with a horrible look on his face. He explained, and held back any sort of emotion besides resigned and suppressed anger and sorrow.
Isis was a sheltie and the most beautiful dog I've ever met. I'll miss her. I love you Isis, I hope you're in a better place.
Yeah, I was uploading some photos to photobucket for my boyfriend's ebay auctions, however the power went out when I was up to it, sadly that only left me to finish my two chapters on meteorology and generate a character for a D&D game that I play in. The power was out for about five or six hours and the candle light was murder on my eyes. I only got so far as to generate the kercpe character up to getting her spells and her weaponry/gear so I still have work to do as I write this ten minutes before my lab science class starts up. I did manage to get a shower in before one in the morning. :)
Okay, I'm ripped, I'll admit it, by the stupidity of my own species. I hate it when people start harping on the arachnids or the arthropods! They're goddam bugs, they're more evolved than you, get over your homo sapiens arrogance bull and start learning!
Last night I go into a chat room, I won't name which and the first thing out of one girl's (who apparently had the intelligence quotient of a pencil lead) mouth is "You know what's gross?....Spiders! EWWWW!" I interjected saying with fervor that spiders and arachnids are not just creepy crawly insects but a highly evolved form of life. The only reason people seem to fear these things is because they're so demonized.
Example 1:… This is an article some ass posted on the free-republic website as if it were true. Fault number one, the article came from a notorious tabloid in Britain called the Sun. Fault in point number two the "authorities" on the subjects misrepresent the species that apparently were owned by the man. Number three, they didn't get any information on any of the animals featured in the article, and because it was represented as a piece of news without taking a look at the credentials of the publication the people simply accepted the atrocity of journalism as truth.
The next thing out of the persons mouth, after I began to defend the arthropods she was so fervently opposing was "go get raped". Now, I don't profess to have the cleanest of mouths. I'm all for dropping the F-bomb repeatedly in conversation to relieve stress but to have some ignorant twit tell me to be assaulted sexually is where I draw the line. Rape has no place as an mandate in civilized conversation.  
She then proceeded to announce to everyone that I was the one who started the fight and then tried to denounce me by insulting me further with curse words and telling me that my "comebacks suck" when I simply said, "you need to learn manners, propriety and common sense when it comes to civilized conversation, you ill-mannered tart." I repeated my points and defended them and all she could do is feign innocence to justify her use of blatant and improper language.
Mind you this all started over a girl being so moronic as to say that spiders were "eww grossness" in capital letters and then proceeding to insult a creature that in reality is more likely to outweigh her in the wits department.  I'm disgusted also by the agreement of the general populace.
Here's another thing that burns my ass. You know that bug in the newest Harry Potter movie? You know the one. The poorly computer animated arachnid that Mad Eye Moody tortures in class using unforgivable curses? Well guess what, and this is a shocker to most people. It's a real goddamn bug! And don't tell me I'm a liar because I have one sitting on the underside of a chunk of bark behind me in glass terrarium.
Also known as a tailess whip scorpion, she's a rather common species. She posesses two modified legs that she uses like antennae to prob the surface of things, she also has two claws that she keeps at a horizontal angle to her body, I refer to it as her immitation of the "funky chicken" dance.  I believe the variety that my boyfriend posesses is called the Tanzanian Tailless Whip scorpion, her scientific taxonomy being "Damon varigatus". She does not posess venom, she's not aggressive in the least around humans, she's actually rather skittish.
Very rarely do you find an arachnid or arthropod even that is truly very aggressive, and there are only a few varieties of any arachnid that are considered "dangerous" to humans.
Here's a tip, Homo Sapiens. Learn your bugs, know your "enemy" and stop picking on something that's more terrified that you're going to eat it than you should be of it attacking you!
(pictures of said Pretty Lady, tailess whip scorpion and other varieties of bugs will be posted soon.)
The D20 Modern Chat is an RPG chat. At this point I'm just getting started and I have limited time as a college student to play and run games.

The game I'm going to run is D20 modern but it's based in an organisation called Majestic 8. There are many different Majestic divisions, each specializing in something different. Majestic 7 for example, the one I play in on Fridays, deals with alien lifeforms specifically. The Majestic organizations are a lot like the Men in Black. They protect the unwitting human populace from threats that come from everywhere.

Majestic 8 is the Supernatural division, meaning as player characters you get to deal with everything from Werewolves to Will-o-Wisps and Barghests.

I would like for your PCs to have backstories that I can work with as a GM. So once you have your character concept, please email me at with at least a page worth of description of your character and backstory.  

Your also going to need a few things to play: 1. Pencil and your character sheet. Remember nothing is totally fixed about your character except for your name and gender. 2.Dice- you're going to need a twenty-sided die or d20, a ten-sided d10, a six sided d6, a twelve sided d12, an eight sided d8 and a d4 or four sided. You don't necessarily need the physical dice, but you do need at least a suitable dice rolling program. I'll post one later for your use :)
3. Attitude: this is THE most important thing. You need to come into this with a good attitude, and a willingness to roleplay. That means doing what your character would do. If your character is just like you, all the easier, but sometimes you need a challenge. Don't get upset if you don't kill the big bad wolf in one shot.  

Rules for Chat:
   1. If you're playing in a scheduled game, you need to remember to put OOC: or brackets ({[]}) in front of what you're saying out of character, otherwise it will affect what happens to your character.
   2. If you happen to be sitting in on a game in progress, please do not interrupt the player characters, and make sure you mark your comments well enough to allow people to know you're not a PC in the game or a guest NPC that I might ask to come in ((hint hint wink wink :) ))
   3. Be kind to your fellow player characters. I don't tolerate PC killing. That's unneccesary and uncalled for. These characters are extensions of the people who play them.
   4. I personally don't care about swearing. It has it's place in speech. So I really could careless if you swear, but again, keep in mind other pcs and lurkers.
   5. Chat is always allowed when there is no scheduled game. In fact I encourage it if people want to roleplay outside scheduled games. It keeps the chat alive so it won't be deleted. Also, if you want to run another game in the meantime, as a different majestic with a different group, please contact me. I'd love to have another GM and another Majestic.
  6. The only God mode allowed in this chat is by the GM. If the current GM says that the guy survives a bullet to the brain and a critical failure on his reflex check, then he survives. PC's who are arrogant are subject to the criticisms of their party members, meaning, if you act arrogant in game, your party members are perfectly justified to verbally abuse you in game. I just won't allow player kills.