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Yeah. I'm lame ^.^
So I haven't updated in for freakin' ever, specifically because I haven't had time to really sit down and do much arting. I need to finish a comission I got back in January. *blush*--I've been drawing lots of World of Warcraft Stuff lately and I've got to say I'm totally in love with the Hoard.
On a more adult note, I've subscribed to the Darknest fantasy "art" board ; )  --So if you want to see some of the stuff I can't/won't show here feel free to look me up there under RavenReverend.
I'm still wonderfully broke, yes. I've got about two thousand bucks to down before I've gotten everything paid up. x_x I've been working at the store, which sad to say hasn't been paying me on a regular basis, though I've been told at the end of the summer I'll be getting a nice lump sum of monies I can throw away at the university. **neeeeeds to**
I don't have much time right now but I also wanted to make note of the fact I've only got 27 more page views I believe (unless my math is horribly horribly wrong) until I hit my 5K pageview mark! ^_^

I plan on doing a Thank you piece, as well as a piece for the first person who posts for me that they've gotten the 5k view. --Screenshot is a wonderful device. ;  )

Anyway, Luffs! Gotta run :3
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So, I owe some people an apology and an explanation.
I said I'd be able to do some requests for Neomae's gargoyle project which was due the first of last month and I failed to come up with said results, especially since they were recieved within three days of the deadline. Not only did I miss with theirs I missed with my own as well.
The only thing I can say is I apologize for my lack of foresight. I planned on being able to scan the pictures when I arrived on Islesford when I did, and unfortunately I haven't had access to a scanner since I've been here. Hopefully this will change within the next couple of weeks along with my financial status.
My entire summer's been planned around working out at the small convenience store here on the island called Islesford market and unfortunately we're not making enough and the store owner, the mother of the person who offered me the job has said she never agreed in the first place to pay me. So alas, I've been working out here for nothing.
It's not a total loss yet. I have a month and a half to come up with approximately three thousand dollars. Yeah. You read right. 3k. Three grand. And if I'm lucky and I work my ass off putting up buildings and pulling up lobster traps, and waiting on people down at the docks as well as clearing out buildings for summer tenants I can make well over that in the approximate six weeks remaining. ;_;
However, this doesn't leave much room for fun time for me. I'm drawing when I can. I might have a huge update at the end of the summer but don't expect anything until the semester is well underway. --I don't even know if I'll be able to afford it. x.x

On a brighter note, Rothi, the horse we've been waiting on for the past two months has finally arrived from way out west! ^_^ The beauty of an Icelandic only has one eye, he lost the other to the idiocies of a doctor who thought it was infected (turned out it wasn't) years ago before he was even gelded. He's a gorgeous horse. A redhead and a real sweetheart. He comes like a puppy when he's called and he loves affection.  I'm actually super excited to see how the training goes. Perhaps by the end of the summer what little time I actually have to myself can be spent with my roommate Jessy, riding with Rothi and his paddock mate Stormur, a beautiful buck skin Icelandic.

Anyway. End update. End transmission. I'm going to go puke and see if I can't get some enjoyment out of the day. >_<
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I quit my job at the cattery a while ago, I "handed" in my resignation notice. I still haven't heard back but I'm assuming it's all kosher.
I'm moving out to the Cranberry islands in Maine with my friends Jess and Tom, from school. I finished studying for my exam tomorrow. I've handed in all but one essay that still needs to be written for Animals and the Law.
I need to pack my room.  I need to finish my commissions. ---I'm GOING to get my room packed and leave campus on Wednesday after my finals are done. I'm GOING to get home and run over to my boyfriends house. And I'm GOING to sneak into bed with him first thing the next morning and spend my day unpacking, and repacking.
My Dad's going in for chemo-therapy again. Makes it the tenth treatment? I dunno if it's doing anything or making him worse. He's aged a lot in the past two years. -- My sibling Jenna graduates in sixteen days? o_O I could be getting that wrong. My Aunt Lourdes doesn't even recognize me and I still sent her a thank you card for my birthday present, which was obviously written by her husband Jeff.
I need to get everything in line. A plan. A detailed plan. But no matter how detailed it is you know I'll be rushing around to get it all done.
I'm going to work in the NERD HERD cafe ;) --Awesome name, awesome people. I'm gonna make smooooothies. Yus.
Dunno about Portcon, might go, might not.
My stomach hurts. I've got another migraine. I'm going to talk to my neurologist. My primary care physician. And get a gynecologist and hopefully a visit to my eye doctor all before I go out. o_o...Dear god that's a lot of people poking at me...
Friday I'm going to Ried State Park. And I'm going to fly a kite. :) And hopefully go on a picnic with my man. ^_^--I don't know how much I'll be online, but because I'm not working at the cattery I'll have a bit more time before I start work in June.
--I'm going to do some soul searching. Some cleansing. Some meditation. June needs June time. I need a break from OL stuff and School stuff.
So. When things are half way done. BAM! I'm gonna take a hike over to camp, and I'm gonna visit my Grammy in her plot in Swanville (something I haven't done yet this last year) --and tell her what's going on in my life before I disappear to a hippy village out on some island for several months...
This is me, listing things so I can remember it all. W00t. Signing off.
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I've been reminded several times over the last few months that I'm closing in on my 5000th pageview. : )
I have to say that after only two years or so on Deviantart I'm incredibly excited and very flattered to see that my pageviews have crept up to 4005, which is what I'm at now ; ) -- so many people have left comments on my page and many of them are recurring from my haunts at Twilight Clan chat, but you know, even that is fantastic.
As much as I hate flattery in real life, to see so many people are enjoying what I do is something that makes me feel incredibly proud and more enthusiastic than ever to keep improving on my artwork.
So, as I've done for my previous milestones, like on my 1000th milestone in June or so of last year, at my 5000th pageview, the first person who sends me a note or an email or even an instant message including a screenshot of the 5000th marker up in the corner, I'll do a full free commission for. Granted I'm not fantastic (yet) at backgrounds, but I'd be happy to put one in.
I hope to see another 995 pageviews sometime this Summer. >.> I dunno if I'll have access to a scanner, but I suppose I could always spring for a cheap one or something while I'm out in the Cranberries.

Also, I've been considering another contest as of late: The basic idea would be pictures of my Tribal- the gargoyle male featured all throughout my gallery.
I might have an update once I get responses from people, whether or not anyone's interested for example. o_O!
Anywho. This is June, sitting in Animals and the Law, and writing a paper for a different class. ; ) Signing off.
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Today. ;) It's my birthday as of 6:28am this morning.
My parental units called to wish me a happy birthday at four-thirty or so when I was at work. My father even seranaded me with the Godfather version of the Birthday song, and then at five thirty, I gave Nancy my co worker a hug, and she told me to enjoy my b-day. My sibling met me after six or so to bring up ice-cream cake.
The pool was closed but that's okay.
It was pleasant. :( But I wish my boyfriend was here to enjoy my birthday with me.
Thanks to those of you who wished me a happy b-day. ; ) I hope your own go as well.
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April 18th, two days before my birthday arrives, I'm in a rather bit of a panic.
I'm turning 20. I don't know what I want to do with my life, and I'm going to college for a degree I'm not sure I'll even persue a career with. I also have had no luck in obtaining a loan to pay off the balance of my student bill for this semester....
Ontop of that,  I have two term papers I have been boggling myself over and I haven't gotten past a basic outline on either. Granted my friends and classmates haven't started either but they're them, I'm me. I've got an essay to complete on my take home exam for my animals and the law class and I missed my appointment with my academic advisor Professor Faulkner. >_<
I've been playing with my tablet off and on during the semester yes, and I THINK I've found a good technique. I enjoy it at least.  
I've completed a clean out of my email folders, My Pictures folders,and my Deviant Art but I have still to complete a clean out of my FirstClass.
I also want to reevaluate if I want to come back to school next year. Whether attending classes for a degree I have no idea what I want to do with is worth it.
Ohhhhh yeah. And my best friends since middle school is currently in prison after a stabbing. -_-
For now, I have to get my checks made out to the appropriate people. I work on Friday, and yes it will suck. I'll probably be in tears the entire day.
But hey! It's frigging PRIDE WEEK! >_< I'm wearing my rainbow ribbons, I'm gettin' out the pride bracelets and on Saturday I'm heading to the DRAG SHOW! YESH!
Alright. I'm done.
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Post Valentines day update on things going on in my life. I just checked both email accounts. X_X SWAMPED! @_@ JEEZ! I mean, I have all of the guys who emailed their junk to me finally about the Exalted campaign, and I also got a cool email from my Resident Director at the dormatory ;) She says I won the "door tag" competition for my kickass nametag of Stitch doing the hula, and I get free freakin' candy. Kickass. I also have tons of stuff to catch upon.
Need notes from Jill to catch up in Narrative and Mesoamerican Prehistory, I need to outline and write the thesis for my anthropology paper due in two weeks @_@ **panic attack** and email my sign in information for FAFSA to my mother (PIN, etc, you know the beef. X_X), I also have three comissions to catch up on, and my wireless keeps blipping in and out thanks to the stupid snow.
Good news? I had a wonderful time at home with my man. **Sighs contentedly** Fabulous sex, wonderous movies involving sexy red skinned devil men and Japanese folklore, good music and good food, not to mention awesome company.
I also got my interview over and done with at the Memorial Union here on Campus. I've been hired. Just need to fill out the paper work, along with everything else. Means I'll be making a 1.25 less there than back home at PPOC, but a job is a job, and I'll have less than 20hrs, most likely. X_X But hey, a job is a job, if I can reduce the amount of my private loans and pay down the amount of my Stafford Loan before next year, we're good. Anyone hits megabucks and wants to pay my way through two more years, lemme know. -.o I'm getting tired just thinking about this all.
So, love you all. Need to get stuff done, but right now I'm going to fill out paper work, and RP while I have time to chill.
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Taking a few pensive moments to release something into the flow of literary poetry and trash that is blogging.
I got up this morning, with the sun warm on my hair, my bedding around me in a nest and my hair a sort of net of red-gold in the sunlight, the dark brown sort of drowned out as I looked out the window toward the old brick buildings across from my hall, all covered in white snow. I felt good. I mean, the kind of good that was so deliciously simple all I had to do was to hit snooze for five more minutes on my cellphone (the alarm clock I brought with me tends not to wake me, but that's cool, I'm so zen right now.)
I wore my dirty clothes from the day before to class. My toes were freezing and my cheeks stung in the wind but I looked up at the sun light coming through the trees and you know, for the first time in a long while? I felt like I'm gonna be alright. I smiled, even when I lost feeling in my extremities, my parka zipped up under my chin.
I sat through a Narrative discussion on suicide cabins in summer camps and dead dogs in suitcases as part of folk legend, and then I went to my academic advisor's secretary and dropped introduction to peace studies. I picked up Anthropology 102, bought my books, AAA batteries, and a pack of computer paper. I carried all of this to the Rainbow Resource Center, smiled pleasantly while Morgan and others made jokes and got me laughing so hard I cried at times.
I went to my dorm room, locked myself out of my room for five minutes for the fiftieth time, and yes I was irritated, but after this day has gone, I can't help but feel I'm looking up?
I love waking up like this. A smile stretches my face in that oh so good way, the oh god, I wish this could stretch into forever, sort of way, even as I write this. Monty is coming up to campus tomorrow, I have one class at eleven in the morning, and I'm going to shower because it'll be the first time in three days.

And I leave you all with this quip:
   "And the angel stretched her wings and looked through her halo of warm brown hair up at the sun and knew then that perhaps the falling wasn't so bad, that perhaps the view was better from down here...."

I feel good. Really good. ^_^
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Okay guys, here's the deal. I need to raise funds! Not just for my expensive books and what not (which would be nice, but there are more important things), but for a friend who needs a doctor visit.
We're trying to convince her to go to a doctor for some symptoms which probably aren't appropriate to describe here, and I said I'd try to pitch in by putting up that I'm doing really cheap commissions to help her!
So here's the dealy.
$5.00 donation for a fully rendered pic, that means, sketch, ink, digital coloring, the whole shebang.
$7 bucks for couples, and only $2 each additional character after that!
My IMs:
Gate Keeper Hel  --Aim ---YIM and MSN

I have paypal and what not so I'll give you all the pertinant info after being commissioned.This is for a good cause people, and I'll do my best on each piece! >_<

OOOH! And I've been tagged by Tabitha! :)

Tagged by: bellanoche8709
Rule(s): The "tagged" person posts 6 strange things about him/herself in a journal, then selects 6 others to do the same, post their names in the entry along with the "strange things".

1. I don't like textures like dry snow and felt because they make my teeth feel funny. >.> Really, they make me want to pucker up and wince!

2. When I eat regular M&Ms I have to sort them by color first.

3. I have "usuals" at just about every restaurant I've been to more than three times, and the wait staff usually knows what it is.

4. I love adding the suffix "-age" to words and "and junk" to every sentence. I don't know why but I do.  

5. When I'm coloring with colored pencils and stuff, I like to tuck up to three in my ponytail, one behind each ear and one in my mouth while I hold another one. Don't ask me why but I'm usually loaded. >_>

6. I love shopping for planners and school supplies. Don't ask me why but the sight of a planner makes me giddy and binders, pencils and pens are always fun! :)

And I tag: drkdragonrage, suricata5, SirPointy, CocoaMoMo,  BlueYuni-chan, avator.
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   As I've stated before in earlier journals on various internet sources, I've decided that academically speaking it would be a smart move to get up on Campus to finish my next two/two and a half years of study. The focus will be easier to maintain surrounded by people with like goals. Also my issues with the isolation I've been feeling linked to my depression, and my grieving for my grandmother, will be lessened I think by being up there with people.
    My boyfriend and I will maintain our relationship, and he's agreed to wait for me while I finish my studies. :) He'll be waiting for me when I come home for good.
    I have a lot to finish in the way of artwork and if all goes well, and I manage myself well I can do that as well as work and study up on campus.
    Wish me luck! And pray a couple bucks come my way.
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Alright, I'm going on another tirade. I'm angry and I need to vent.
Thanksgiving,after all the feeding and the glutting on turkey, chocolate cream pie and the like I got home with the male to a nice quiet night of movies. Not an hour after we finally collapse onto the couch we hear the screech of brakes on a car and a thump, then this horrendous howl go up.
Our first thought? Dear god, it's Louis, the dog that belongs to our next door neighbors...Well, we're both up, and shoving on shoes and in my case a housecoat and in his, a jacket. No it wasn't Lou, it was a black lab we'd never seen before and he was still alive, bawling.
The couple who had hit him were on their way back from their son's place after enjoying a Thanksgiving meal there with them. They weren't jerks,they didn't drive off to leave the dog to die after assessing the damage, they stayed put and wanted to make sure the dog got medical attention.
At first glance, we only saw that one leg was broken so badly that the bone poked through his shoulder and I think I saw a glimpse of busted ribs poking through when the vet got there....Anyway. Monty stayed outdoors with the couple to make sure everyone was alright and to wait for the authorities to arrive, meanwhile I went inside to make some emergency calls (seeing as I'm experienced with feline animal rescue I figured it wouldn't be much different...short answer?WRONG!) There were no idenitifying tags on him, but he had an orange raggedy collar and a broken red wire lead. We didn't know the owners and we'd never even seen the poor thing before.
I called Little River Veterinary Clinic, the place I had taken Brandywine, a cat I'd rescued from beneath one of my friend's houses, since they were the first that came to mind and was totally blown away by the lack of cooperation or any real help. I got a woman who asked me "Do you know who's dog it is", "Have you seen the dog before?", "Are there any tags or identification markers?" After I had explained this to her. Not only that but when I said no to all of that she said, and I'm perfectly honest about this, "we can't treat the dog without the permission of the owner because if the bill comes back and they say that they never authorized us to work on the animal,there isn't much we can do about it...." Then proceeded to say "I really feel for you."
I wanted to scream into the phone, "Feeling doesn't help the DOG that's BLEEDING in the ditch in front of our HOUSE! Feeling doesn't keep him from feeling pain!" But instead I calmly asked "Do you know the number of the animal control officer so I can get in touch with him?" in order to get the town to pick the dog up and get him treatment with the town picking up the bill instead. She couldn't even give me the name of the officer,much less the number. However, she did give me the emergency veterinary service number that they were routing patients to....It was over an hour an a half away from where I was.
So. After about another five minutes of telling the woman, "look, I need to get off the phone with you so I can call the animal control officer or someone to look at this poor dog" and hearing her apologizing for not being able to assist more I finally said, "Look, the dog's not going to get help with you yapping at me all night. Have a great evening, ma'am." and hung up on her so I could finally get in touch with someone. No answer even at the emergency service. I got angry enough I was ready to cry and puke at the same time, so instead I made cocoa and took it out to the woman who was probably about ready to do the same. The cops got there and finally called someone for us.
This took about an hour and a half. The officer got there, and finally put a muzzle on the poor guy, then rolled him over with much howling and whining onto a tarp and lifted him into the backseat of a police cruiser. He gave us the name of the pet hospital they were taking him to but I haven't been able to get in touch to find out what happened to the baby.

If you're a vet, or if you call yourself one, and you're in the business for a job that goes from 9am-5pm then you're in the wrong freaking business. It's about the animal. Know your work. Have numbers on hand for those who call. And don't give me the freaking run around when I'm trying to get HELP for something that has no opposable thumbs to dial a number on a telephone.

---End of statement---
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With school taking a rise in my life here, and my mate going back to work for the Walmart  it's getting pretty hectic.

As of 10-1-2006:
Isa's Twilight RPG char (the cop): approx 40% lineart finished
Stephy's characters: Sheena and Remi (haven't started), Remi (not started yet either), UN (lineart finished) 40%, Cillian 40%
Tribal: 10%
Yunie's Twilight RPG char: Rowan 0%
Lin's Twilight RPG char:Stormy 0%

Update: The belt on my waist of gift-art/request art is beginning to fit pretty well. I've even had inspiration to do OTHER than just what's on my list.

As a reminder for commission information:
5-10$ for a sketch, depending on how many people are in the sketch.
10$ for an inked piece or colored in traditional methods
15$ for a digitally colored piece.
If you want a commission, please email me at: or message me on AIM: Gate Keeper Hel or YIM: dragonmage_221
I'm generally online after 11pm to about 2am and I take these things as first come first serve basis.  :)
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Okay, so requests are still open until I either go back to school or I get too overwhelmed with everything going on.

Status Report:
Kim's Twilight RPG char Hope: 100% done
Fawna's Twilight RPG char Astrid: approx 50% lineart finished, base skin color laid down
Steph's Twilight RPG char Cillian: approx 40% lineart finished
Isa's Twilight RPG char (the cop): approx 40% lineart finished
SilentStephi's RPG chars Silver and Pearl: 10-20%- posing and lineart need finishing and stuff
Steph's Twilight RPG char (Drayven) and mine (Paquay): 0%- haven't even done lineart yet.
Personal projects:
Tribal and Akai pics just because I can: 20%-lineart sans inking
Updated Kabuki: 0%
Medusa: 30%
Gift art for Briar44: 20-30%- multiple linearts, just can't decide which to ink scan and color

All in all I'm pretty satisfied I've gotten as much done as I have. Now I just need to buckle down and color the stuff that's done and draw what's not.
Update: I lost the pen to my goddamn Wacom tablet. AGAIN! That goddamn cat probably knocked it under something and it'll be a while until I can get a proper piece finished. I'm pretty pissed off right now, for some odd reason. My period's been over for about a week or so, so it's not the big bloody red beast. However I am rather ripshitpissed about this whole pen thing. I need another one..... **growls irritably...goes back to storming about and drawing linearts**
I buried my grandmother on Monday, and today is my first day back at work. Yeehaw. Good thing, I have less than three hours left of work after I get back from lunch as I have "education" from 6:10 to 7pm. Then of course tomorrow I go to work for a full day and then Saturday and Sunday I work at my other job.
So apart from the recovering after bereavement, my cousins leave on Saturday to go back to South Carolina, and I'm horribly stumped as to what to do for art. I have so many ideas buzzing about in my head, and none of them want to step forward. So I guess I'm going to have to make a list as to what I want to get done.
Here goes:
1) Gift-art/contest entry for Damon aka Briar44 for her contest/birthday that's up in eight days. Though her birthday is tomorrow, as I understand it. That means Tiryn gets drawn and colored.

2) Paquay and Kali's character the demon half-breed. I can't remember his name for the life of me right now but he's dead sexilicious.

3) Entries for next months MGC and AMGC as it's become apparent that no ideas are jumping into the frying pan for this months. **sighs**

4) Sheena, for myself. Werewolves = <3

5) I want to do some furry/anthro art, so if anyone has requests, I guess now is the time to get them in, seeing as I'm offering. I have all of the requests for my last pageview milestone save for Isa's, she still needs coloring. It doesn't even have to be furry/anthro, I'll do anything as long as it's got a description to go along with it.

For the rest of you: Briar44's contest/birthday thing ends in eight days, and the prize up for grabs is....get this...CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! So here's the journal entry that shows purplegoldfish's entry and the details of the contest. :) She's the final judge, but remember, this is HAWAIIAN chocolate up for grabs here. So do yourself a flavor, and enter.
Today is the first day I've experienced on this earth that I know I can't call my grandmother if things go horribly wrong. She passed away last night at about 10:30pm surrounded by family in her home by the lake.
I got to say goodbye, which is more than a few can say, but it doesn't really lessen the hurt. I miss her already, for her bravado, her razor sharp wit and the love that only she could provide, being all that she was.
Fanny J Brazier, well loved and respected by most that knew her will be missed. I know I already do. She was a brave woman, a strong woman, fiercely intelligent and stubborn as a goddamn bull when it came to having her way, which was, as it always has been, set in the stone that she carved through her long years.
It's funny, I always took for granted the idea that she'd be here for my college graduation, my marriage day, the day my first baby's born, that kind of thing. But now that she isn't, well, it's painful to think about how much she's going to miss, and how much time I missed to pick her brain figuratively speaking while being a spoiled young brat.
Right now, I sit here crying, knowing full well I shouldn't have been so wrapped up mourning her while she was still here, but knowing now that it couldn't be helped.
I made a promise last night before I kissed her knuckles and told her, "Grammy, I love you. I'll see you later, okay?"  I told her that I'd say hello to the Sphinx for her when I went to visit him in Egypt, and that if I had my way there would be a third fourth and fifth generation of people to enjoy and love the preservation of our history. Now is the time, that I start setting my sights a little higher to achieve that, with her as my inspiration and driving force.
I love you Grammy, I'll see you later.
I've discovered a website that has photoshop tutorials on how to improve lineart to get it more clear as well as a bit of a tutorial on how to color. I like the way I color now but it's far from what I want, and I want a lot.
On Meg's piece, her 1000th pageview, you'll notice there are a lot less "white spots" on in the image itself thanks to that tutorial, and that they're a lot more "clean" in terms of what's line and what's color. I still have a lot of work to do in that area but it's a long road to perfecting what I want. I've also noticed the lines are a bit softer looking than the bumpy ugly ones in my previous works.
The coloring is still the same but hopefully with the next few pieces: Magelet, Avator, and SilentStephi being the one's on my list right now I'll show some more marked improvement, perhaps even the reduction of the black outline and maybe a darkened version of the color it's bordering.
I've also got several works for myself in the process.
I'll be very blunt, I think I've got skill if not a talent for drawing in my own style, I envy other people's styles and would like to emulate them, however all things come in time. I don't profess to be the best at what I do but I think I'm pretty good considering. I want to be perfectly honest when I say I may not take criticism with a grain of salt as my grandmother would say, but I'll certainly try to take it as what it is. If you can give me clues on how to improve, I welcome them. Just don't expect me to respond if you completely pick the work apart, I get emotional, and though I'll take your ideas into consideration I won't profess to being a paragon of objectivity when I'm not.
I'd like to encourage anyone who views my work to please please PLEASE respond with more than "oh that's cool" or some kind of smiley face. I like to know what I'm getting right and what needs more work. Also, ANY kind of photoshop tutorial on a style you think I'd like, POST A LINK! XD I like my favorites list, yes I do.
That said, I'm going to go catch up on sleep since I've had five in the past forty-eight and I'm having to triple check the way I spell and word things.

Catch you all at a later date. :)
Eight away! If you want something drawn by me for free fully rendered, be the first to post with 1000th page view, or if there are too many in the same day, I might split it.

Magelet, don't worry, yours is on the way, I just have to figure out how I want to color it. :)
So, the contest details were thus: draw my character Kabuki, as a gargoyle or as a normal Exalted/Oni, based on the picture in my gallery, or pictures, as the case may be. I got two entries with her rendered as a gargoyle and two entered as her normal self.

I enjoyed all of the entries. They are as follows.

  Chibi Kabuki by :iconjoshernaut:

I liked this one, in that, well, it's Buki and she's chibi. Her kimono looks great too.

Kabuki at rest by :iconbriar44:

I liked several bits about this one, specifically all of the Japanese influence in the room, like the mochi cakes and the taiko kimono and the game etc.

Kabuki Gargoyle by :iconmagelet:

Seriously, what's not to love about this one, specifically the use of colors, the beautiful design of her kimono, the shoji doors everything about it is wonderfully effective.

Anton and Kabuki by :icongargresseternal:

I like the computer coloring on this, and that it has Anton in it.

I'm almost at loathe to judge this contest but I did say that I'd give a reward of a free fully rendered drawing to the person who won. I have to say the prize goes to :iconmagelet: for a wonderfully executed drawing. There's a background, it's inked, the colors are great, the outfit is great, and it is her as a gargoyle!

I want to say thanks to everyone who entered, the four people who did. And please don't be discouraged if you want a drawing done, as I've said before I'm perfectly willing to do collaborations, trades, and commisions. Requests are on hold for the moment, save only for milestones and special occasions like this.
Thanks again! XD I love all the drawings! I'm going to print them and put them up on my wall!

Also, my next milestone is only about 100 pageviews away. If you want a drawing, fully rendered, please leave a comment acknowledging that you have the 1000th pageview. This is by honor system and if no one claims it, then I'll give it to the first person to post, or it'll be a draw, like last time.


That is all.
Alrighty, then. I guess just asking wasn't really enough to get people to really want to draw Kabuki for me. So I guess I'm going to turn it into a contest.

Kabuki's Description: A 6' tall asian woman with white skin and red-tiger-like stripes down her body. Her hair is black but reflects green and has gazelle horns. Her outfit is usually a red kimono with black and yellow butterflies all over it, only it's Chun-Li style with a thong in the back instead of a skirt piece. Please feel free to draw her in whatever kind of clothing she'd look good in and in any kind of scenario.
She's a seductive person and everything about her has a sexual hint, especially with her looks, she's very good at letting people know she's a tiger in the sack.
She also is a shadow-walker, meaning she uses shadow like clay and can use it to sort of teleport using the Umbra.
Hint hint: I'd love to see her as a Gargoyle.

Prize: A drawing, fully colored etc. of your choice, just remember I need a fairly good description. :)
Deadline: May 25th.  Today! YAY! All entries must be recieved by midnight tonight, I'll take a look at all entries tomorrow and my judgement shall be up no later than Saturday morning. Prize notification shall go out then. XD EEE! I'm excited!
Please note me with submissions.

Update: Three submissions

  Chibi Kabuki by :iconjoshernaut:

Kabuki Gargoyle by :iconmagelet:

Anton and Kabuki by :icongargresseternal:

Request Kossmoe: 100% done. It took me a while, but I finished it. I just have to get it from my laptop to DA and that shouldn't be long now.
Dragonfly Grapes: 30% done. Still a WIP. It's been colored by :icongargresseternal: and by myself but it's still a WIP as far as I'm concerned. Meggers also has a Dragonfly character, so I'm going to do a pic of them together as well. XD

AMGC and MGC entries 100% finished!

Also I'm pretty damn close to my 1000 pageview milestone. I'll be doing one of those "I give you free drawings!" things to anyone who posts saying "I GOT THE 1000TH PAGEVIEW!" And I'll fully render a character/characters according to the request of the viewer.
I have a request to make of all of you artists out there that might be interested.I have a character that I use for RPing on the chat. Her name is Kabuki and she's a Japanese Oni. I was hoping someone might be willing to draw and color her for me, however I'm poor, so I can't really pay anything right now, but I'd be happy to do an art-trade or something.

Basically she looks like the character Shi from the comic books only her entire body is chalk white and she has red-stripes, her hair is incredibly poofy (think the 80's tap-teaser look only long) and black and goes down half way on her back. She also wears a kimono/chun-li type outfit that's incredibly revealing. She doesn't have irises or pupils, and she has gazelle horns and elf ears.

If anyone wants to attempt to draw her for me I'd really appreciate it. She can be doing anything, but remember she's very seductive.