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Valcrowf's Daughter by Alkaline-Lady Valcrowf's Daughter by Alkaline-Lady
"There isn't a day that goes by on these lower hive streets that there isn't a shooting, or a stabbing, or an 'accidental' shove in front of a disposal truck, or worse. Those things just happen when too many people have to share the same space, tempers flare, annoyances pile up and something's got to give eventually, though even the most jaded gangers looked up when those two Inquisitors went toe to toe.

Nobody was really sure what happened, but everyone remembered. It started when that poor thing, the young girl ran back to her father with a shriek I swear half the Hive heard. Moe heard from his cousin who had a friend in the Arbites that the girl was a Witch. Not true I say, she had the sweetest look when she passed me and everything just seemed a little brighter for it, and that jackass on the other side almost hit me when he missed, so I daresay its slander and lies!

Where was I? Yes, after he'd blackened her eye with a hit I can only imagine was meant to take her out for good, spit on him, he had no choice but defend himself from her father.

Two of the Holy Ordos I swear, you can ask anyone that was there. They had their sigils out in the open, and it was over in a flash. I heard the gun fire two or three times, its hard to tell with those loud ones on the streets, and barely saw the blade. Then the other one was gripping his arm, shouting back something that made the one with the hat back off. Slowly backing further keeping his daughter shielded behind him. blade still at the ready. He grit his teeth and I tell ye, he had that look in his eyes.

The look of a man who'd kill for his girl, I'd do that too for my boy. It was something else alright, over in a flash but no one spoke a word on that street for an hour.

Never been that quiet, everyone was just stunned. That's all I got to say about it, now buy me that round you owe me."

Blurb, Khain and Serena Valcrowf are K.C.'s
Hieronimus Reyck and the arts are mine.
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