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Napalm BeeBee  WIP by Alkaline-Lady Napalm BeeBee  WIP by Alkaline-Lady
Silvermoon School of Cosmetology was but the first step in a brief but illustrious career for Beatrix Balayage. Her accolades in the university were unparalleled, her skills with a comb and clippers marked as brilliant and innovative, leading to near gravity defying hairstyles that became all the rage across Azeroth. Hailed as an up and coming prodigy, Beatrix spent her days working on complex chemical compounds to improve the color and match the wide spectrum demanded by the many races populating the world. From the sombre and macabre chamoisee of a Forsaken woman struggling against the ravages of undeath to the gorgeous debian red of a Blood elven mans locks, all looked to her for solutions to their disastrous manes , creeping coiffures and bedraggled barbarian beards.

Graduation was barely a month behind Beatrix and many of the topmost salons clawed for her recipes like bon bons, salivating as the prospects of outrageous profit at the expense of another's vanity. She had, instead, come home to Kezan, intent on placing a bid for one of the choicest plots of land overlooking the dingy waters surrounding the industrial mecca that was the Goblins island. There she set up shop, reduced for the moment to working like a bootlegger, brewing her dyes, salves, lotions and miracle cures for whatever ailed the pigtailed, plaited, graying, bearded or dreadlocked lots of customers demanding from her supply. It was with joy and the thoughts of profit spinning in the young goblin woman's head that she gleefully invested all of her meager savings in a loan with the Trade Prince, sure she would pay off the principle and outrageous interest within a few months of opening the doors.

It was here that Beatrix met with disaster. Her months of schooling had not prepared her for the disasterous sabotage awaiting her. Switching her water supply to an exhaust pipe that ran beneath the island from the Deforestation and Reclamation Management and Suppression agency, vast amounts of excess defoliant was pumped through her dye lots in an insidious attempt to suppress the rising star. When her doors opened, hundreds flocked to snap up the first of the stock. Within days, it became clear that what had left with her customers was not the carefully constructed compounds she had originally been bottling.

Over thirty deaths were attributed to Beatrix's hair dyes, and over a hundred more were sent to various priests and healers across Azeroth in attempts to save their horribly burned skin. It was then that Beatrix Balayage was given her nom de guerre. "Napalm Beebee" was born, and with a rage and disappointment dwarfed only by her debt to the trade prince, Beatrix deconstructed bottle after bottle of dye to distill the horrifying compound that birthed her new identity. Secretly the Forsaken approached her with an offer, her formula for a salon in the undercity and a drool worthy stipend in addition to paying off her debt to Gallywix. It wasn't prime real estate, however given her disaster on Kezan it was a generous offer.

When an eruption from Kezan's fairly dormant volcano, she was forced to flee the island, in the process losing all record of her formulae and any chance at a deal with the Forsaken. Suffice to say, the young beautician would be forced to start from scratch...

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Queenofvampires666 Featured By Owner May 5, 2011   Digital Artist
cute ^^
and love that thing you did in her ear ^^
Alkaline-Lady Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Haha, thanks! I was trying to do basically a steampunk headset! Hopefully it came across that way :D
Queenofvampires666 Featured By Owner May 5, 2011   Digital Artist
you have done a fantastic job :)
mzanthro06 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011
Her name is cute.
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