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Captain Hook by Alkaline-Lady Captain Hook by Alkaline-Lady
Done for the Monthly Gargoyle Contest's October theme, Disney Crossovers : )

"Peter Pan hung his head as he was kicked forward along the deck. His friends were below in the brig, that much he knew. -The GREAT Peter Pan- he thought miserably, -Crushed to the lowest of lows by a scoundrel pirate without the honor to even free the girl.- The fae-child felt his head wrenched back and looked up as the peg-legged first mate spoke.

'It's only proper to stand straight before the Captain, you wretch.' Peter winced as he looked on.

The creature standing before Peter was a hellish sight. Wings arched gracefully upward from it's shoulders, and a tail twitched back and forth irritably beneath the blood red jacket. He'd heard stories before...horrible stories.

The gargoyle had his back to him, but even he could recognize the telltale signs of Hook. Years before he'd served as the ships masthead by day and walked the decks at night, serving as a needed night watchmen. The crew both appreciated his work, and feared his countenance, so alien was it to them. Eventually during a day-time battle with the commissioned military vessel, The Crocodile, a spare cannon ball claimed the gargoyle's arm from the elbow down. The battle came to a draw and the pirates barely escaped with their lives. When the gargoyle awoke that night, he was crippled with pain; it was then that the cruel of the crew became known. The ships surgeon took up one of the rusty gaffs used aboard the ship, and thrust it into the stump of the nameless one's arm just before sunrise.

He awoke that night with a new weapon...and took it upon himself to kill the surgeon. When confronted by the ship's captain, the nightmarish creature struck a bargain with him: he would help the bloody captain wreak havoc on the traders at sea and build a treasure so vast it would rival the largest kingdom. In return, they would pursue the Crocodile so he could take his revenge. They began a reign of terror upon the open sea as attacks took place in the dead of night. The pirates overtook a merchants vessel in one such event and the gargoyle claimed the merchant's blood red garb for his own. In their fear and efforts to appease the new first mate, the crew gave him his new name, Captain Hook.

Peter felt gooseflesh break out over his arms as he spotted the dim glow of a bullseye lantern on the belt of the famed captain. Tinkerbell's light flickered weakly within the confines of the lamp. He swallowed as the demonic figure turned, eyeing the boy with the smile of a monster.

';Peter and your band of urchins have been quite troublesome...' Hook reached up with his good hand to fiddle with the catfish like whiskers on his face. 'We shall have to put an end to that.'
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DragoRoku Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
"Don't see no real difference".
QuoteCentric Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
This has got to be one of the best AU/crossover stories I've ever read! Very well-written and very believable! I could see Captain Hook as much more formidable as a gargoyle! :wow:
Alkaline-Lady Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
I'm actually contemplating doing a psuedo fan comic with a crossover between the two series. o_O Mainly using the settings, much less the artstyles and character designs. Kinda wonder how well it'd be recieved.
QuoteCentric Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
That would be so cool! :iconcatlaplz:
It's just the story raises so many questions--is there a gargoyle clan on Neverland? If so, is Hook a rouge gargoyle (banished)? Or, was he brought as an egg or hatching to Neverland and hasn't really ever seen any of his own kind (your story mentioned that Hook's countenance was so alien to the rest of the crew)?

Are there any young gargoyles with the Lost Boys?
So many things you could do/directions one can take by changing one feature! :D
Alkaline-Lady Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
Those are definitely things I'm considering XD It'll be a while before I get anything off the ground but it's something to consider for the future!
QuoteCentric Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
Well, battles would definitely be more interesting. Peter Pan always had the advantage over the human Hook because he could fly. But, a gargoyle Hook can attack Pan in the air. :XD:
Nebulan Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome! great story :D
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