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It's getting spring over here again!
And one of the first signs - but maybe not as obvious as the increasing temperatures and the less clouds - was the reappearing of the ladybugs. We were able to do some nice shots and also noticed that there are a lot of new ladybug-pictures appearing on dA. So we decided to collect some and do a new feature.

We hope you like it! :)

to the top by Elvira1990 Ladybug by Trollabunden<da:thumb id="290490175"/>
Ladybug. by Katari01 the ladybug by kyokosphotos
<da:thumb id="203016658"/> ladybug by Megson Ladybug by fruitpunch1
Vrooom! by Ten-Twelve Serenity. by Annarigby wet ladybug by black-sheep88
Elements in heaven. by OliviaMichalski<da:thumb id="169549791"/>
Ladybug by kczajkowska<da:thumb id="280517601"/> Just let me be your ladybug II by Silviaa92
<da:thumb id="291879317"/><da:thumb id="292020820"/><da:thumb id="288938926"/>
Together Again by snomanda Peekaboo I See You by Nightwarrier Dewy by VJagev

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How nice to see that they are all native species (Seven Spot) and not the invading harlequin! A lovely collection of photos! :)