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~ 50 FUN FACTS ~
(updated Jan. 2013)
Sit down and grab some popcorn!
Make sure to read the last ones, they get pretty good lol

1. I Own 2 rats (Ivory&Robbin)
2. Other than those 2 I have a dog (tucker), a cat (Suma Cuta Tyco), and a turtle (Mr.Turtlwhee)
3. I'm blond lol
4. I have A's & B's in school
5. I lead basically lead 2 different lives
6. I have never been out of the US
7. The farthest I have been from home alone is California
8. I love horror movies (but have never seen any of the paranormal activity ones)
9. I sleep in a fort at night
10. My favorite food is calamari (fried squid XD)
11. I love sleeping in hotels
12. Teen Fiction is my favorite genre of book (if you count it)
13. I hate being out of breath while swimming
14. I sing while washing my hands
15. Tapirs are one of my many favorite animals
16. I sing in a church choir
17. I am a soprano
18. I don't mind blood as long as is mine
19. I carry a 20lbs backpack around school all day
20. I do not, nor ever will, like running/ exercise
21. I squeal during cute movies
22. My grandfather, whom I never knew, served in WWII
23. I love tasting ocean water
24. I love it when random people talk to me
25. I am the best at dealing with peer pressure
26. My childhood home was foreclosed on torn down
27. I HATE fighting with friends!! and I mean concentrated hate
28. I say things, lots of threatening things, that I know I can't actually fulfill, but I say them anyways.
29. I have the stress level of 100 men
30. I like gory things
31. I prefer "How To Train Your Dragon"'s behind the scenes more than I like the movie
32. I have a weird addiction of taking photos of my eyes
33. I like a lot of sk8r boys ;)
34. Oatmeal Raisin is by far my favorite kind of cookie
35. I tend to only see how people hurt me, rather then me seeing how I hurt them
36. I am jealous of people who get 70 likes on one picture because at most I only get 12
37. I say I hate populars, but in reality I don't. I just say it because if I start to like them and hangout with them I'm afraid I will change and loose all of my other friends
38. I dislike when girls say my drawings are really good because I know I traded my girly girl life style for my talent
39. My favorite soda is Sierra Mist
40. Only few know my entire story, but only because I don't like my friends to pity me
41. I dislike my hair, but everybody loves it
42. When I meet new people I tend to just let my weird pour own like a fountain
43. I'm either super shy or really out there (not really a middle point)
44. I like pretending to be bad ass, but I'm really a goody two shoes
45. (when I'm on break) I put on makeup at night so I can feel beautiful
46. I know when I can trust someone with my secrets
47. I play out situations/possible outcomes in my mirror while doing my hair
48. Having deep conversations with guys is probably my most favorite activitie in the whole wide world
49. If I could pick any animal in the whole wide world to change into after I pass, it would be a black bear because they travel alone, they are truly beautiful, and... I don't know I just love them
50. I like telling people things through the internet, because that way you can fist bump the air or do a happy dance without the person knowing ;)

If you want some awesome things to look at feel free to visit these sites:
-Life in the day of me, my personal blog: aljohnsonwoofwoofbestblogever.…

-How to be a confident kid, informational blog:

Favourite Movies
LOTS O DISNEY + Men In Black
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Books
Hunger Games, Wizard Of OZ
Favourite Writers
L. Frank Baum
Favourite Games
truth or dare with friends
Tools of the Trade
Polymer clay
Other Interests
clay, jewelry making, reading, art, mixed media


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