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I had this idea a few months ago to see how the French RM communities were doing, only to find that most of those active some 5-6 years ago have sadly all died...
Years have passed and much has changed, including the trends and fads. It looks like the already small portion of people editing the RMXP RTP graphics has reduced to almost nothing, and the largest part of today's users have chosen the VX / MV RTP style, less detailed and smaller than what RMXP offers. So much so that I've already seen too much of it to be interested in working with it.
So back to where I was before my hiatus, I slowly found the motivation to mess around on PS and ended up with this map. Most of the work is based around the buildings and colors as usual, with a bit of water to complement the whole.
This map was made for a small recurring contest on, a small French speaking community I found to have the general atmosphere I was used to before.

RMXP, Paint and Photoshop CS5. No overlay mapping. Approx. 50 hours over the course of two months.
Credits to SithJester for most of the characters.

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Bah voilà ce qu'on appelle de l'art ;) je suis d'y arriver hein :') J'ai hâte que tu mettes ton nouveau avec mes petits conseils (tout petits hein)
Tu m'énerves a si bien dessiner aussi... C'est pas humain tout ça!
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THIS IS EPIC!I love the design of it!The graphics looks really amazing!the peaples are amazing!And i love the street that you made.Just EPIC!