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RPG Maker - Medieval town

Well... I'm not a very productive guy, and I'm kinda slow...
But with a real purpose, motivation comes, and the best of me with it.
Done for a small contest in '09.
Inspired by Robin Hobb's books, mostly, and some pics took in medieval towns during a trip in the North of France.

Special thanks to :iconhyperben2: for somme ressources, and :iconhypersnake22: for his support and advice.

Fullview needed to see all the details in the best quality; feedback always appreciated =)

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Same as i said!Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow, this looks great! Very nicely laid out.
chay-cube's avatar
Your work is beautiful.
AnimeGirl1219's avatar
Wow amazing, What tileset did you make them with.
ChimaereJade's avatar
Wow this houses are very cool! You have done a great job. :D
AtolycusWhelleris's avatar
What time period and area would architecture of this style be found in?
PiranhaPlantis's avatar
11th century to the 15th century europe... i think
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Militant-Jester's avatar
Very nice, I love the sunbeams :D
AlJeit's avatar
Thanks, sunbeams & rainbows are kinda my "thing", I put them everywhere, sometimes too much regarding some comments ^^
Militant-Jester's avatar
Lol XD
I can see you've had practice ;P
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Love the stonework facade on the buildings
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I love the flowers and plants, it really adds to the map.
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Ben tu sais ce que j'en pense hein, c'est beau..
J'aimerais avoir ton niveau :o
Merci de faire un peu de pub pour moi :D, ² a aussi un compte DA, [link]
AlJeit's avatar
La pub, c'est un peu toi qui a commencé :p
Merci pour le DA de BenBen, on s'est perdu de vue depuis un moment et je ne l'ai jamais trouvé ici ..
HyperSnake22's avatar
Comme ça tu l'auras trouver =)
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