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Fur Hut

Yes, RPG Maker is going wild !
No, seriously, this thing is an old test for a hut concept, based on a paper sketch.

Enterbrain's Runtime Package offers a lot of houses, temples, caves and things like that, but nothing "natural" to live in, so one day I tried to mitigate in this lack.

I'm not unhappy about the result, but I never found enough motivation to use it in a larger scale.
Someday maybe...
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Beautiful! :) Could I use this in my commercial game if I credit you? 
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Hi there, 
Sure go ahead :) This was only a first concept so I'm not sure how much you can get out of it, but if you do manage to make anything with it I'd be really interested to see it!
Thank you! :) You will get a free copy of the game when its finished ;) I wonder.. is it possible to use other things you've made as well? Like your Japanese Tower or the Boat you have made or anything else? I mean, if you have things that are ok to use then i gladly take them^^ I could use some help from a talented person like yourself ;) Greetings from germany
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Wow, that's wonderful, gosh! I'm lovin'it!
Wanna live here ♥

That's a very good work, congratulation :aww:
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Thanks a lot, i appreciate it :)
I am suppose to create more stuff like that, the idea is to do an entire tileset for a primitive village or something like that...

P.S : Entre français, parlons français hein :)
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Bonne idée pour le français (mon anglais est terrible).

Mais c'est avec plaisir, c'est vraiment du beau boulot pour cette bicoque ♥
Bon courage pour ce tileset de village... Je suis moi aussi en train de travailler sur un village forestier et c'est la catastrophe :tantrum:
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J'aime j'aime j'aime, une de tes plus belles créations. T'aurais du mettre tes petits hommes gris a coté =)
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