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So the journal is a little late in the day which I didn't intend, but I just got home from work to finally get a chance to write something up. I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their really awesome comments and for all the watches and favs, I appreciate everything everyone has said so far. It makes me really want to get my ass in gear and start putting out even more of the work that I have planned floating around in my head, so thank you everyone for the kind words!

Expect more updates to come, I think I have a gallery show to prepare for in December so there should be plenty more coming in the near future!

A special thank you to :iconexiledchaos: as well for suggesting my piece, I am very grateful. :)
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Hey! It was very cool meeting you at the show. Sorry we didn't get to talk more. Thanks so much for picking up a book, I hope you enjoy it.
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Hey! Yeah, was really cool getting to run into you there, I was glad to see you were coming. I read through the book last night, it was great! Really refreshing twist on zombies so it was a fun read. I wish I had more time to stick around but I came with friends that were hassling me to get going so we could make the panels on time and we were only there for so long on that one day. I noticed the section in the back up the book for pinups by other artists and if you do another one and would like me to do one I'd be honored. :)
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Thanks so much! And I would love it if you could do a pinup! That would be tremendous.
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I just found you the other day.
Very happy I did. :)
Keep the awesome coming! :iconbrohugplz:
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Congrats. Your art is amazing! :D I can't wait to see more from you in the future!
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Congratulations!! :D
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