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Just a heads up for everyone who may have written me about any commissioned work: At the moment I am really busy with my regular full time schedule plus a whole load of new designs I am doing on the side to help meet a deadline for work so all of my additional free time is fairly well taken up and I won't be doing any commissions.  For anyone who wants to license art keep in mind that I do not own the copyright to anything listed as a Lantern Press design (I usually mark that in the description) and therefore those requests would have to go through my boss (whose email I can provide to interested people with serious requests) but keep in mind it will be at his discretion whether or not the images can be licensed for different uses.  I definitely appreciate the interest in getting commission work done but I just simply don't have the time to do it to the level I feel it should be done at the moment.  Just figured I would provide a nice blanket statement on these issues to help for people looking to field me any requests, if that situation changes I will be sure to update!
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Please reach out when that time does change........absolutely love the "Dia De Los Muertos" piece. I would love to have it framed at home and potentially discuss an additional one.