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Heartbroken by Lighane Heartbroken :iconlighane:Lighane 1,259 67
Kyoya x Male!Reader | One Shot
Anime/Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Title: Selfish

Kyoya Ootori x Male!Reader

Warnings: None.
An alarm was not a welcoming sound, as Kyoya had mentally noted down as he was forcefully dragged from a dimension of sweet dreams. He heard shuffling beside him, and a pressure was removed from his chest as that infernal beeping continued its dreadful tune. Cracking open his eyes with a somewhat pained expression, he glared at the man whom was sat on the edge of the bed, tiredly reaching for his phone so that he could turn off that alarm. 
"You get back in this bed, right this instant." 
Kyoya was not a morning person. Everybody knew that. [Male Name] knew it most of all, as he had to be around Kyoya every single morning. As he spoke to his boyfriend in a harsh, commanding tone, he only seemed to receive a tired laugh in response. 
"I can't. I have work, dumbass." 
Whilst he was annoyed tha
:iconmuffledscreaming:MuffledScreaming 548 33
Opposites Attract (Gray x Reader) Pt. 4
Eyes fluttering open light poured into the bright (e/c) eyes of _____. Eyes closing shut from the bright intrusion, she turned away from the window. Her body now faced her beloved boyfriend of two years, Gray Fullbuster. After the first year of being together Gray, on their 1-year-anniversary, asked her to move in with him. They were 19 at the time, and although Natsu was skeptical of the move he let his sister move in with the ice mage.
Now today was a special day, filled with love and romance. Even if you’re single it is still a worthwhile day, as long as you’re not a debby-downer. It’s simply a day to spend with the people you loved and cared about, this most wonderful of days being Valentine’s Day. _____ smiles as her eyes travel from the cold toned chest of Gray to his peaceful and relaxed sleeping face. His mouth slightly agape his dazzling deep blue pools covered by his eyelids in his peaceful slumber. _____ lets out a slight yawn as she carefully and slo
:iconhetastuckgirl16:hetastuckgirl16 243 102
[Chapter 12] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
Pawing the ground impatiently, your horse rears its head and takes a couple of steps back when Levi approaches him. The large animal snorts, nostrils flaring when the short man in front of him reaches around his neck to grab the reins.
You knew better than to say anything – what Levi wanted, he did. No words necessary. Frustrating as it may be, you knew it was best not to get on his nerves this early in the morning, especially considering the way he snapped at your squad leader earlier when the man tried to splash a bucket of water on him. Granted, he got you and Isabel – not that you were proud of that or anything – but you were pretty sure that whatever Levi dished Flagon this morning was more than enough for the three of you combined. Actually, scratch that. Levi yelled at him enough for the entire legion, and even then, you weren't sure just the legion covered it.
But whatever.
Flagon’s learned his lesson.
Guiding your white steed over to his black one, you
:iconxxtheblackdevilxx:XxTheBlackDevilxX 126 50
The Full Moon(Marshall Lee x Werewolf!Reader)FINAL
You were at the werewolf hide out, you were still in your wolf form laying in your old den just waiting to see if you will wake up, to see if this is a dream.
Your den was still pretty homey. Soft grasses covered to floor for bedding, candles where lit here and there for light, there where a few manga books scattered around, along with a tattered old blanket you used to use during the winter months.
You sighed, "how the Hell am I gonna get out of here?"
" You won't."
You turned towards the entrance of your den, then stood Alexander with a sick smile on his face.
"Get the hell out Alexander," you growled turning your head away from the freak.
You then felt warm breath against your furry neck, followed by a lick. Growling again followed by a snap of your teeth you told him to back off. He didn't budge.
"I have been waiting for this momentum for a long time (name), and nothing is going to stop me," Alexander said.
"What do you mea-" you were cut off by Alexander lunging at you.
:iconxxalaskanchickxx:xxAlaskanChickxx 80 76



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