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Commission by Alix89


Do you want a drawing by me? Nice! You have to do only a donation!
To ask a commission Buy Me a Coffe

I draw only female character in anime style!
I don't draw ecchi or hentai style!

Here my prices:

  • FanArt HalfBody: 2 coffe
  • FanArt FullBody: 4 coffe
  • Chibi FanArt or Chibi Original Character: 2 Coffe
  • Original Character HalfBody: 3 coffe
  • Original Character FullBody: 5 coffe

    To ask the commission please reply in this journal
For the FanArt I need a character's pic and the name
For the OC I need or a character's pic or a description and the name

If you want the print of your commission in A4, you have to send me a note with you name and address. 
NB for this type of commission you HAVEN'T DO A DONATION but I send you a link where you can pay me!

The prices in this case are:

  • FanArt HalfBody: 10 €
  • FanArt FullBody: 15 €
  • Chibi FanArt or Chibi Original Character: 10 €
  • Original Character HalfBody: 15 €
  • Original Character FullBody: 20 €


Every 10 free donation or 10 commission i'll start a Giveaway when a lucky one can win a free drawing! 


Hey guys!
I have Instagram about few months and I really need support from you!
Please, if you have Instagram follow me!
Thank you :)