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ATLA Bookmarks - BFF

Finally finished with these, and now that I'm back from PAC these bookmarks (and other things) are for sale over on my LJ!

There was just no way I could finish this set without freedom fighters, dangerous ladies, Toph badassery and THE MELON LORD. I mean really!
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I love all your bookmarks they're AWESOME!
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I AM NOT TOPH! I AM MELON LORD! MWAHAHAHAHA! XD Loved that *prints* I just love anything with Toph badassery XD

The Freedom Fighter's look epic 2!
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Don't you mean TOKKA baddassery? ;)
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what's with the melon lord?
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I AM MELON LORD!!! God I love Toph :XD:
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BFF...Until sanity is broken!!! Azula goes crazy and Jet just can't let go of the Fire Nation!!! :D
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Am I the only one to notice that Jet's expression and the Melon Lord's are almost exactly the same?

I love how you did the Freedom Fighters, usually people forget about them. LS is mah fave <3

Toph/Melonlord are win.

Could I have a go at colouring the lineart?
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Toph and Sokka kick ass. ;) These are so sexy.
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Melonlord! Awesome!
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I love how most of the bookmarks you did ara AVATAR related XP
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Jet with his currently awesomeness = EPIC WIN!
XD Awesome!!!!
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Sokka, MELON LORD, and Toph's gun show??

Are you trying to kill me with your awesome?
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Oh, dude, the Toph and Melonlord is the greatest ever.


As are the other two bookmarks! They aren't just bland collections of the characters... their personalities really burst through the art.
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Thank you! That's exactly what I was trying for <3
The Jet one is the best one.
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I like that one, too! Thanks!
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I genuinely love all three of those, and Melon Lord is a lovely touch. XD
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Aww, thanks, I'm glad you think so! :D
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