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I made this one for a friend yesterday, I wanted to fill in as much information as possible on 1 page, also considering that the CMS should be very lightweight.

Since the CMS is in beta stage and isn't done yet I included a preview of my own finish-later cms mockup in the header :P

Hit download for best quality!

Please comment :)
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excellent layout love the colors
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You've been featured! [link]
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nice layout, when the website is only pm ;) i'll take a look at the cms :)
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That's web design :) Nice work man. Your layouts are pure awesomeness!
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very nice and clean work
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:omg: Wow! That's amazing!
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It's really great, the only thing I'd change is give the "Download now" button a bit more attention, as it's the most important part that leads to action.
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Thanks for the comment :), the CMS is gonne be online only so it should be "Try Now", maybe abit bigger
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Nice design ... What is the font in the header ?
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i love the smooth colours and the little details with the dotted lines
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Will we need link for this site, really nice idea.
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very nice, 5/5 for design and colours.
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oh and btw, can I ask where did you get these icons . :)
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thanks for sharing ;) they're Great !
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Nice job! :) The site's structure is awesome, putting that much content on a site makes it often look cluttered, but you managed to let it look very clean.
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great job ! it's a really common layout, but you have put some touches of originality that are just perfect !
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great to hear :) thx!
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