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Another practice layout , i wanted to make something in a carbon theme and went for an portfolio style layout.

icons: [link]

and btw, I haven't done so many layouts yet so im sry for the lack of different design thumbs in previews! :P

daily devitation! wow, thanks alot =edumicro for suggesting and ^NunoDias for featuring :D
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Nice design, digging the logo, and footer a lot!
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please iwant to know if i can download this template, where ? .. thanks
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Great design, the carbon looks good.
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i fuckin like this :slow:
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Hey there! A friend of mine spotted a site for a design agency that posted a bunch of other people's designs on their portfolio page and pretended that they did the work. This design was one of them.

This is the site: [link]

If I were you I'd sue the pants off of them...
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Cool, good use of icons they really complete the design.
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great as always man, gratz on the DD
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Thanks allot m8 :D
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Parabéns! mandou muito bem!!!
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Great work man! I like it. Very clean.

If you don't mind, I hope you'll appreciate some feedback. If you can decrease the number of pages in the navigation, I think you should, to create more focus. What about merging portfolio with gallery, and about with services, for example? If you can communicate the same thing in less pages, that's a good thing.

The front page would also do good with some more focus. What about making the "Welcome to artcolide" section even bigger (taller)? Just a thought.

Anyway, great work. Keep it up! :)
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Thanks for feedback :D
I basically added a few more links to fill out the menu, instead of using too much spacing, and for the title, well i guess it could be a little bit bigger ^^
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Really nice job bro!
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very nice design.
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nice work! keep it on..
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which program do u use for designing web pages?!!!
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