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Dragon Wing out of an Umbrella - Tutorial

By Aliuh
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Umbrella's will vary
This is a very small wing!  It ended up being 8 inches tall when folded up, and outstretched is 13 inches across.

The umbrella used in this tutorial was the kind that folds like this…

Materials for Frame
The average umbrella
2 pairs of Needle nosed pliers
Drill and bit (optional)
Wire cutters
A nail

Materials for Fabric
Glue (preferably super/crazy glue)

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Hello, I am trying to combine your tutorial with this one: to make a bat costume with the wings hanging under my arms. Is there any advice you can give on how to do this? I like the mechanical soundness of your tutorial, but I want the same type of silhouette as the bat wing tutorial (attached to a long-sleeved shirt, not a harness). Thank you for your awesome tutorial!

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Thank you and you’re welcome! If I understand you correctly, you would like to use my method, but want it to look more like the other persons?
I think all you would have to do would be adjust the length of the fingers to make it look more bat like.

I never got beyond making the wing, so I’m not sure about attaching it to something, but for a shirt I think I would just sow it on with some sort of brace attaching both wings together.

How were you hoping the wings to function? By that I mean did you want them Independent from your arms and supporting themselves?
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Thank you so much for getting back to me! Essentially, I want to attach my umbrella-wings to a long-sleeved shirt (I found the absolute perfect shirt today at Goodwill) so that they are part of it. I like how much more anatomically correct your wing-bones are. I’d Ike to be able to somehow furl/unfurl the wings with my arm movements, but that’s probably too ambitious. I am a bit worried though, because I snagged a broken umbrella at a thrift store, but at least one of the metal struts is snapped. I might be able to somehow reconnect it, I hope.
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No problem! Sorry it took so long, my internet connection has been acting up.

I see. Personally, I think I would do something like this:


Where the red indicates the wing being sown to the shirt. I think you could bypass the arm portion of the the wing altogether as your own arm would be doing that job.

I'd like to point out though that the umbrella I used ended up making a very small wing. But it you altered the design I don't see why you couldn't use the entire length of the existing umbrella rib if you want it that big.

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Perfect! Thank you for helping me visualize it.
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You’re welcome! :D

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Your welcome. :3

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using this to make murcielago ulquiorra cosplay (resurreccion Ulquiorra)
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Ah, cool. Good luck!  Just to make sure you know, the umbrella I use made a rather small wing.  You could probably get it bigger with a bigger umbrella, but it may could out smaller than you expect.
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ah, yes... that is a good point....hmm well, if nothing else, I can always use bits from a second umbrella to make the wings bigger!
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I hope that works for you! :la:
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I have finally completed the wire-frame of the right wing
ulquiorra bat wings (in progress) by ocupers
it's massive XD (although I still need to figure out the mechanics for opening and closing it (and mounting it to a backpack/bracepack-thing)
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That's awesome!  As far as I know, you're the first person to actually make one.  It look really good so far.
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aye! it really does! and it is really big
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Well, good luck with the rest of it! :la:
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How do you separate the arms from the shaft?
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The umbrella I had held the arms on with a wire wrapped around the shaft, so I just untwisted the wire and they came right off.
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Clever! I'll try this ^-^
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Thanks. XD If you do, I wish you luck!
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