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:iconalittlelady:ALittleLady posted a status
Hello ! I have finished it ;) 
Check it out :3 
Loki - Happy Holidays Under A Mistletoe
Hello there ! :D 
I wish you the best for 2018 !!! <3
I would like to thank my 38 watchers :3 Without you, my dearies, I don't know if I would have the strengh to keep drawing ;) 
We are 199 Facebook fans !!! *^* Almost 200 !!!! :3 What about a FAQ if we reach that 200 ? :D
Why a Mistletoe ? According to the myths, this is his weapon to kill Balder and trigger the Ragnarök >w<
Well, Happy and Lovely Holidays :3

Speedpaint avalaible !!! Here -->… ;) 
Do you like this piece of art, by the way ? :) (Smile)
Here a commission reference if you want me to draw something like this : Ref com {Digital Full}
Commissions are open !… (I will update that thing)
Loki belongs to the Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematics Universe.
Join me on Facebook -->… News, thoughts... Don't miss anything about my art !!!
Support me on Tipeee --> (thank you, smart cookie <3 )
/!\ Please ask me if you want to use my art for your own work /!\

Have a lovely Loki day ! :3

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