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Venus - OC by ALittleLady Venus - OC by ALittleLady
Hello there ! :D 
New drawing after a long period without hearing about me ;) 

Venus is the Goddess-Spirit of the eponymous planet. She is gentle, hypersensitive, and has a radical sense of harmony and aesthetic - she is obsessed with beauty. She loves to help people and forgives easily ; she is a person who you can always count on. She strives to always see the bright side of people, and worries very quickly in case of problems. It is someone who avoids conflict, who believes in happiness.
Venus protects newborns under the sign of Taurus and Libra. She also cares about the healers.
Her Sphere of Harmony accumulates negative energy to transformer it into positive energy. It removes war and destruction, brings love and forgiveness.
Her stone is the Moonstone.

Speedpaint available here ! -->…

Hope you will enjoy it ! :) (Smile)
Do you like this piece of art ? :) (Smile)
Here a commission reference if you want me to draw something like this : Ref com {Digital Full}
Commissions are open !… 
Venus belongs to me.
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Have a lovely day ! :3
Fun fact, Venus is also the name of the Roman version of the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. Nonetheless, it's a fitting name for an OC related to this series. Very beautiful character.
ALittleLady Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Professional General Artist
I knew about the Roman goddess ;) Romans took the Greek gods and "arrange" them to impose their way of thinking when they invade the Ancient Greece. 
Well, thank you !!! :D :D 
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