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Mercure - OC [Digital] by ALittleLady Mercure - OC [Digital] by ALittleLady
Hello there ! ^_^ 
The last little masterpiece! :3
I am still in the testing phase for coloring on computer. I do not know how to draw with the cursor yet ...

Mercure-kun !! (yes I like my OCs) <3
He will be present in the fangame ;)

In human version, he is an English old man literally living in a bookstore.
Although he is a grumbling, skeptical and cold person at first, he is used to heal mental illnesses and guide lost ones.
The Spirits that accompanies him are Diplomacy, Wisdom and Reason.
He is attributed to protection of Gemini, Virgo, scientists and especially doctors. He is also a great strategist, I do not advise you to duel him. If he can cure phobias, he can create them and knows exactly what you are scary about.
The stone dedicated to him is the verdelite (green tourmaline).
Although he is Soleil's best friend (which earned him his status as Prime Minister of Sky), he shares with Lune the same calm and passion for reading.
Guardian of the Book of Truth, he is the only one able to open it, but still, he is not entitled to this privilege permanently when he is in the presence of living people. He also can not turn pages once the book is opened. The book makes it possible to know what happened, what happens and what will happen. About everything. It is a powerful power of clairvoyance that can not be tamed.

Hope you will like him ! :D 

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Have a lovely day everyone !! :3

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October 21, 2017
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