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Art Evolution Seven Years ! by ALittleLady Art Evolution Seven Years ! by ALittleLady
Hello there ! 
I wanted to share it with you :3 
I found an old unfinished drawing. I know that when I draw it, I was very proud of myself and felt like "OMG It's my OC She's so badass She never die".
Well, Angela has changed, even in her nature. She is no longer invincible (even she looks like she is) and has her own story, different from all cultural influences that I have (Harry Potter, Lords of the Rings, anime, Narnia). My style became a little bit more precised - with a Seinen manga style (well, it is what I am trying to draw) :) 
When I see it, I feel like I don't really have a huge evolution in my art style, just improving my skills on anatomy, on clothes, and on computer. 
Hope you will like it ;) 

Do you enjoy it ?
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Have a lovely day everyone !! :3

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November 6, 2017
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