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Angela - Dragon Queen [OC] by ALittleLady Angela - Dragon Queen [OC] by ALittleLady
Hello there ! 
(I just saw Thor Ragnarok, I just fell in love with both Marvel Loki and KnA Loki)
A redraw from an old drawing, I don't know yet if I will put that outfit on Angela in the manga >w< (Did you hear about my manga project ? ^^") I just had fun drawing all the thunderlights... Maybe there are too much XD
Ref Commission {Half Digital Full}
Hope you will like it ! ;) 

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Have a lovely day everyone !! :3

PolkaBat Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
2 colored eyes,horns, a missing hand/sword hand , wings, tail. Why do you have to slap everything on one chara? I´d suggest choosing the details wisely 
ALittleLady Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Professional General Artist
Maybe because she is actually the Third Incarnation Of The Apocalyspe :D I admit that the right hand and the sword are not exactly as I wanted it to be (she has her right hand, do not worry). And I am glad you had not seen my older drawings, because she was actually with everything on her (like mermaid's tail, big fangs, and so many useless things actually) ^^
She is a mix between a dragon, a wolf and a human. In this drawing, we can only see the dragon and the human parts of her. 
Slap everything on one character ? If only you could see the others >w< I would like to put some kind of complexity into each character that I create.
So, please consider that drawing is a portrait of one of her many appearances (there is 7 in all). ;) 
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November 6, 2017
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