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second hand suspended
I would like for you too see a comparison
If you will please look at your clock
Hear it click with each moment slipping by
Now imagine it breaks
Not truly broken
Yet that one hand
The one hand refuses to move
You still hear it tick
You can see it trying
But no matter what that second little hand
Just wont move
Now i look at myself
Time still passes by
Leaves me behind
Every time of day TICK TOCKING by
Sounds cliche
But my head against the wall
Leaning back perfectly still
As if i myself have been as this hand
Stuck in this position never to leave again
My heart still beats and my lungs still draw
I gaze curiously at this languid clock
Wonder how it got that way
But then only see that same in myself
TICK TOCK the time goes by
But you refuse to move
This is screamed in my own mind
Can you hear it?
Can you hear time scream at you?
No not the clock time itself
Your existence much like this gilded clock face
Beautiful to look at
But inside
Oh now inside tells the true story
Of how you have
:iconalitsor:alitsor 1 0
think of everything save a title
The state of my fate
Stays stern as it turns
Through my passion
Save my obsession
and just one truth
One dour path
My languid pace
Just to share a glassey gaze
I may then be ripped apart
But i can still feel complete
One shift left and it will be took
And much like the rook
Just one straight line
Am i ready to make that trek
:iconalitsor:alitsor 2 0
wish I wish you wish
In the final hours of this day
I finally get the chance to say
You deserve the world
So let me whisper this in your ear
Blow out the candles
And I will scream a cheer
To a very special girl
:iconalitsor:alitsor 1 1
serenity in a mind
Passing by lights in the dead of night
The blooded moon half in the sky
Blocked effortlessly by each of the concrete monstrositys
Sign says "moran" I say decrepit
As the fluid fuels my incoherent thoughts  deep breaths and meloncholy feelings
A goodnight whisper
I will see you on the other midnight blessing
:iconalitsor:alitsor 1 1
Mature content
I refuse to title this :iconalitsor:alitsor 1 0
headcolds and lovenotes
Head eroding ear exploding
my heart is coding
cough supresants decongestants
Ill take anything I can
not a fan of pills and meds
but in their stead a little tenderness
a soft caress
ending my duress
Sick in love
you're the angel from above
to cure what ales me
:iconalitsor:alitsor 2 1
Provocation of insperation
you are provocation to inspiration
not a simple sense of infatuation
but subtle shrouded elation
an easily grasped perpetual motivation
giving pleasure to power
and meaning to pain
will this really be the finest hour
or prove just another stain
through explicit duality
ripping apart reality
breaking it down showing you found
one just short of fatality
not of existence
but mentality
distant hopes
trying to cope
with once again feeling intimate
sew seams to knit
on flesh that no longer fits
so torn and worn seeing the past and all to scorn seems forlorn but to these things to be adjourned with being sojourned from the norm
to end them all to pave a path
no longer to demonstrate such hateful wrath
this is not just simple math
one plus one may equal two
addition, subtraction, division of a fraction
it took so much to see
this questions answer was you
reworked emotion to simplified notions
the evocation of intense trepidation
all to have such shrouded elation
knowing this is not infatuation
:iconalitsor:alitsor 1 1
Art Form: Reassurance of a soul
Art Form: Reassurance of a soul
She cliped my wings
and left me for dead
She filled my heart
With regret and dread
But you have removed it
And in its stead
I see a bed for two
And some rested heads
A loving glance
a tender kiss
And its all these feelings
That I missed
:iconalitsor:alitsor 1 0
Will you?
This loneliness is mine
It remains so undefined
I see you everyday
I see you in my head
Sometimes It turns my face beat red.
Will you sail away with me?
Brave the ocean waves with me
Grab my hand and pull me back every time I fall overboard
Will you search for shore with me
an island we can call our own?
Will you sail away with me
And be together evermore
You're the specter in my dreams
Those eyes of your always shine and gleam
It's never forced upon me.
And I will always try
And I don't know why
Maybe because we all need to feel loved sometimes?
Will you fly so high with me?
Reach up and taste the sky with me?
Push me to a greater height every time my sky seems bleak
Will you leave this world with me
Find a planet far away and make it our new home?
Will you fly so high with me
And let the passers by sit and wonder why you love me so
We can build a tower
To spend every waking hour
Side by side hand in hand
So please don't shed another tear
Because you know that I'm right here.
Will you
:iconalitsor:alitsor 1 1
Do I offend?
Do I offend?
What is it about me that drives them all away
Do i care to much, or maybe it's what i say
Maybe its the things I do, that pushes you
It never fails though all of them leave as if right on queue
Right as I get filled with delight once more
It comes crashing down and as the dust clears
I slowly put it back together
Even though I'm devastated time and again
I still press on through the dark and debris filed life i lead
I try to get some back and it only sends them farther.
But I'm just a man I love to much and want to be loved in return
Is that so much to ask for? just a little bit of affection from another?
:iconalitsor:alitsor 1 2
It isn't true is it
It isn't true is it
What do you think of me?
The whole world around sees me of having little use
Do you think I'm useless to?
Please say it isn't true
I'm sorry for seeming blue
I'm sorry for singing out of tune
But you know that i love you, don't you?
I know that some times we don't see
We cant see how others feel
But you know as well as I
That my every action has just been to catch your eye
do you know how you have crushed me?
I show you everything I have to offer
And you throw it in my face
But even then i still can feel
That my love for you may never wane
But i still feel as if I'm circling the drain
Like there's just to much pain
and a large black stain
in the pit of my soul
i am no longer whole
without the thought that maybe you'll love me
some day soon
it truly is a boon
the way i swoon over you
but am i just a fool to you?
Do i dance and make merry
as you chortle in my painful convulsions
it makes me so weary
do you enjoy watching me writhe?
But i do not fight it i simply oblig
:iconalitsor:alitsor 0 0
This New And Ugly World
This New And Ugly World
I hate this place.
I hate the people here even myself
We all seem to walk as cattle to the slaughter
Aimlessly down the path of destruction
Our nature is destruction
We are built to destroy
We destroy everything that ever was beautiful
Only to erect this new and ugly world
The decay of life
The quality of living
The guise of happiness
All we do is sit behind our masks
We pretend the world is perfect
Blinded by ignorance and blissful stupidity
We hurtle faster towards our eminent demise
And how do we prepare?
Work our lives away
Simply to "Earn our keep"
All the same the earth will hold us in the end
No matter the scars we have put on it
Even though we have made it a disgrace
Our earth will still hold us in deaths cold embrace.
Oh even in a new and ugly world.
:iconalitsor:alitsor 0 0
I Remember You
I Remember You
I remember Every kiss we shared.
I remember the way you always let down your hair.
I remember the way you walk.
I remember every night we stayed up to talk
I remember your voice despite our time spent apart.
I remember the happiness you brought me
I remember my every mistake.
I remember every evil word.
I remember the bad way i treated you
I remember everything we ever were
I remember the good and bad all these things that we had
I remember you
And i still love you
:iconalitsor:alitsor 0 0
Simple Statements: A Dreamer's Thoughts Of Another
Simple Statements: A Dreamer's Thoughts Of Another
It has been so long.
So long since I have gazed into her crystal blue eyes.
I long for her embrace, for her lips upon my face.
She walks my every dream.
She haunts my waking nightmares.
I wish that she could see.
I want her to believe.
That I love her with all my heart.
She makes my legs weak.
She makes my heart race.
She is the light that shines on all my days.
Why doesn't she understand
Why can't she just know
Know about the eternal flame
The flame that burns bright for her
The way I would fight for her
The  wrongs i would right for her
Why has it been so long?
Why cant she see
I feel as though it is meant to be
To the girl in my dreams
Your everything to me
:iconalitsor:alitsor 0 0
Something more Nothing less
Something more Nothing less
Perfection at its best
Something more but nothing less
She is perfection to me
My eyes just may start to bleed
My ears are starting to ring
My hands are shaking
My lonely heart breaking
And only to keep waking in this cold and lonely world
Yes its true perfection has been given a form
Its a girl and she makes me feel so warm
So warm inside as the hours pass
She is perfection
Perfectio0n in definition
possibly something more but definitely nothing less
:iconalitsor:alitsor 0 0
We are legion
We listen to the angels
We troops and battalions
We are enforcers of justice
We who fight to protect
We of the Sunhome our barracks and fortress
We are enforcers of justice
We are of the military of army
We are Boros
We are white and red
:iconalitsor:alitsor 0 0
mostly my poetry and some old RP screenshots from WoW


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Travis Steckler
United States
I have swapped over to my love of poetry over a love of video games my first post being sleepy time while at the same time being one of the first feel good poems i wrote. this was hard to actually let people read my poems so be nice
Well im sick to the point I think my left ear has actually gone deaf (hopefully temporarily)but atleast theres one person by my side through it all...
And I couldnt tell her enough how much I appreciate the sentiment she gives me and I will never ever think I deserve some one as good as her


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