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Science Fact Friday: Wing Shapes

This week: Form follows function! You can tell a lot about a bird by its wings.

Updated with examples and new graphics March 2020.

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This image managed to make its way from DeviantArt all the way to Reddit.

It circulated through Reddit at least twice before I found it in r/worldbuilding.

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Haha yeah it has made a few rounds around Reddit, Stackexchange, Facebook, etc...It's fun to see where it pops up. I don't mind as long as it's credited. :)

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Thumbs Up Thanks for this.
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Really informative! Thanks!
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I saw this on printerest
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Aha, yeah, it has been reposted...quite a bit at this point. I've sort of decided not to fight Pinterest as long as they keep the source credit on there.
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good thing.

I'm posting myself some of my drawing on Printerest
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Smart! I have so many social media sites already that I just don't want to bother with Pinterest.

Granted, I said that about Instagram too and now have an account...
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This is a valuable asset to have when designing creatures with wings... Thank you!
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My pleasure! :) 

I want to make a bunch of these science resources to help people design creatures - let me know if you can think of any other helpful things!
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How about a comparison of skulls across Chordata?
Hi Alithographica!
I found this image while designing an interpretive program about bird flight, to be given with live birds of prey. This program is a part of a master's capstone project, so I need to get permission from sources as it will be published on the digital commons and viewable by others.
Would you be willing to give me permission to use it? I'd be linking back to the image directly as well as a link to your personal page. I can also include anything else you'd like to reference.
Alithographica's avatar

Yes, as long as the final product is not-for-profit and provides credit, you're absolutely welcome to use it. If it's viewable by the public I'd love to see it!
Super, super!
Nope, it's for educating middle schoolers and credit will be shared! I can send you a link after the whole thing is uploaded online.
Thank you so much!
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Yay! Hope they like it. :)
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Very good wing references, I'll be pocketing this. Thank you for sharing
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Thank you for the info! :o
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I had no idea - another excellent Science Fact Friday - thanks!!!
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budgies are hihg sped
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Very useful, thanx :)
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Thanks! This really helps!
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