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Things have gotten pretty busy in my life—big commissions, new part-time job, etc.—so my schedule is absolute chaos right now and I'm not sure when I'll have time to dedicate to making more science facts and personal art. As such, I've decided to just call a hiatus. I'll be back as soon as possible! Take care.
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Just a PSA: I think I'm going to back up Science Fact Fridays to being every other week. I have a bit on my plate right now, despite what I had planned, but more importantly I'd like to take a little more time to work on the art of each fact. I'm messing with my techniques right now and it feels important to give myself some extra time for that. So, see you in two weeks!
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The Kickstarter I posted about a while ago was successful (yay!). I am now on a month-ish long contract drawing microbes and other fun stuff for their card game. Unfortunately this means I don’t expect to have time to do any other work in the meantime, including Science Fact Friday. I’ll be back as soon as it’s complete. :) I have paused July billing for my Patreon, so anyone on there will not be charged until I’m back.
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I see you like foxes too. Me too I love foxes They're beautiful and smart animals and red foxes are my number one favorite wild dog and my second favorite mammals next to elephants

Hypothetical question: In this image by jerica128, they created a hypothetical kind of winged humanoid called a "legnarian", and it was portrayed as having the following features to justify flight capability:

  1. Longer necks, said to ease stress on the vertebrae and muscles when flying

  2. Shorter torsos for larger core muscle stabilization

  3. Longer hips for the same reason as #2

Impressive feats to have for a flying primate, but what about arboreal primates? Would having those make them better climbers than they already are? And would they also be useful in primates with less conventional forms, niches or guilds, preferably comparable to those of carnivorans, pigs and even elephants?

hey, your wing tutorial has been reposted without credit on twitter. im not sure if you're aware:

Do you still take commissions?

Here is a llama for when you return. I wish you the best.

so many of these drawings are pooog

you just earned a watch