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You Are Not Alone

TITLE: You Are (Not) Alone

:iconalita-b-angel: as Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Taken by the shittiest camera in the world by my tourist friend in Japan.


The pic I've wait most of my life to complete.

So last year I went to Japan and I made it my pilgrimage and duty to take a costume I had specifically finished for that trip over there for the LIFE SIZED BUST OF EVANGELION UNIT 01.

It's located at Fuji-Q Highland a theme park in Japan which is now got a little corner dedicated to a place all fangirls and fanboys should visit called EVANGELION WORLD.

That's right, a whole place DEDICATED to Eva. I was in heaven.

So I dragged my Shinji plugsuit cosplay which I had finished for SMASH 2010 all the way there from Australia and proceeded to make a dick of myself taking cosplay pics at a theme park attraction while the public gawked and were too polite to say anything.

They also happened to have a FULL SIZED PLUG which I could sit in!!!

Of course you had to pay $10 for the privilege of taking (ONE) picture in it, and the officially angle is hilarious, dead on, side on and you're turning your head to the side while riding this thing like a bike. There's a wall behind it with cool hexagons, but you look pretty ridiculous in it by yourself since you're also surrounded by crash mats lol. You get one shot and if it's crowded, you're pretty much assured not to get a good picture with it without looking like a gigantic dork.

But since I got there ridiculously early in order to minimise embarrassment for myself (9AM) I conned the girl into letting myself and my friend take pictures with our little digital camera with much eyerolling on her part.

They also had cool stuff like a full sized SEELE stone circle and a ready-cage etc.

This took around 4 hours to edit.

The costume:

Made out of a fantastic material called LIQUID LYCRA and god I wish I could get entire rolls of this but it's now out of production. Best stuff I've ever sewn with since it was 4 way stretch and the material didn't fray or lose texture when stretched. It also had a leather shine to the black.

The blue was normal spandex. I avoided PVC as ~arlo-arleh had previously made an Asuka plugsuit out of that and not only was it extremely difficult to tailor, it was also extremely uncomfortable, heavy and hard to pack. The spandex also meant you can sew it onto a little pair of chinese shoes easily and not break your ankle trying to get into it.

The armour is eva-skin foam covered with PVC.

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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful