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Ponyo Underwater - The Wizard and the Sea Goddess

Ponyo Underwater - The Wizard and the Sea Goddess

from Ponyo on the Cliff By The Sea

Shot by the fantastically awesome :iconhoukiboshi:
whose collection of work you can also find at : #strawtography

Costumes made and worn by:

Fujimoto: :iconalita-b-angel:

Granmamare: :iconarlo-arleh:

The Shoot:

Ponyo shoot TAKE 2 from last time, as it was so cold last time, we thought we would give it another go in a warmed up pool. And this time at Arleh's house. We got some absolutely stunning shots that literally take my breath away when I look through them. Simply amazing work from :iconhoukiboshi: or Straw our fantastic photographer and ever resilient friend.

:iconhoukiboshi: still couldn't swim, but we gave her a cement block this time in the pool so she could hold herself down.
And also a proper camera case we hired out for mucho expensive-le for the day (totally worth it). All the pictures came out beautifully clear and wonderfully imagined as we got more freedom to move around.

Many thanks also to
:iconqueencattabby: and :icontreminate: for being our awesome helpers on the day, saving us from drowning again and holding us down in the water.

The Costume:

Officially ruined by this shoot but WHO CARES? Lots of pictures to come. Instead of a blue it's now a light green haha.

Lesson learned for underwater shoots: Unheated chlorine pool, will not damage your costume (assuming you chlorinated less than 5 days hence)
Heated salt + chlorine pool will, as the heat activates the fading in the fabric.

But I do love my coat with it's perfect stripe still, and ~arlo-arleh's costume with it's 2 layers of satin for extra flow it's just completely etheral underwater.

Though I can't count how many times we almost strangled ourselves with our hair lol.

Please check out the related pictures here:

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all time favourite
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a bit special this
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this cosplay is waaaaaay better than most of the cosplay i see other people do....^.^
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Thanks so much you're too kind
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How did the chlorinated water affect your wigs?
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Not too bad, it's more the clothes that have an issue as chlorine will make the colour run, with enough hair spray, the wigs styling will stick together while underwater, but of course everything is a ratty mess when it comes out, takes a LOT of brushing to get it back.
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Gorgeous cosplays and photography. ^^
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wow!you guys are awesome! *_*
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so beautiful!
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Unique, I like it. ^^

The way the hair flows really adds atmosphere to the picture ^^
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Thank you so much!
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You're very welcome. ^^
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Simply perfect!
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You're too kind thank you
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I just watched Ponyo myself!! Excellent cosplay!
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Thank you so much! We love Ponyo :)
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Wow ,in the water?? Thats so awesome
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