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Trevor ''Tatts'' Tatton +commission+

My latest commission!
This model is of Trevor "Tatts" Tatton, an original character by the commissioner, Dext

The figure stands 18cm tall and the base diameter is 4.6cm.
He has been hand painted and sealed with matt acrylic spray varnish, with his eyes being finished in gloss varnish to add a bit of shine.
There is a black foam disc under the base to protect the figure and surfaces he is placed on.

This is the first figure that I have made use of Cosclay on due to the fragile and delicate nature of the hair strands. It worked very well for what was needed.

He was well received by the commissioner and I even received some fan art to boot! :)

More pictures of different angles can be found over on my facebook page.
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Ooh how was your experience with cosclay, especially painting it? Thats a really good idea to use it for hair!

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I ended up with the Medium firmness as the Soft was out of stock where I ordered and I'll say that I'm glad I wasn't able to get the Soft. Medium was about as firm as Fimo Soft so that worked well for me.

It took paint just as well as any other polymer clay I have used and still remained flexible without cracking the paint. Not that I tried to flex it much at all.

I did only use it for the very small hair strands on the top and back of the head though. It would be interesting to see how it works for a larger piece.

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Thats interesting! I got it because i wanted to use it to make movable stop motion puppets but i didnt even think about using it for something like that, thats always a really big struggle and im always afraid it will break...

I think this was fairly freshly imported to my country because we dont even have different firmness here, just colors :')

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I had to purchase mine on eBay as there are only two UK resellers.