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The Sims Bee Keyring

Here's something that I started creating in the second half of last year, either August or September, that I finally finished!

It's a little Sims bee keyring based on an icon that was created for when the Sims team at EA adopted a bee on behalf of the community.

I like bees and am obsessed with The Sims so it only seemed fitting that I make this for my keys.

It measures 3.4cm tall and 2.9cm across.
It's painted with Citadell paints and is sealed with UV resin which I am still new to using. I thought it would add more protection than just regular varnish.

(I'm personally referring to this as my "bee-ring".)
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Oh this is sweet and as always, you`re so good at making things symmetrical and precise. I always wanted to make something with a plumbob but i just cant sculpt something with sharp edges like this. Did you fill this with clear resin? It looks so shiny

edit: Wait, i should read! It IS uv resin. Which one are you using at the moment? I ordered a bit of Just Resin uv resin in hopes it would yellow less than the one i had

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The resin I've used on this is just what was left from the first one I ever bought. It says "Junesix" on the label with lots of flowers and pink writing. I wasn't really worried about yellowing given the colours on this.

I haven't completely filled the cavity with resin. Just a nice thick layer.

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Oh yea the yellowing probably really is just an issue if you want to do something thats crystal clear. Looks really good tho, way smoother than varnish!

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It really helped cover up the bumpy surface of the black painted area.

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Haha "bee ring" :')