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The Sims 4 Voodoo Doll Sculpture


Here's my latest project!
It's an adorable little voodoo doll from The Sims 4. Sims can get up to all kinds of mischief with this little fella but they have to treat him right or he might decide to fight back.

Adding all the individual little stitches took forever but was totally worth it.

He stands 5.5cm tall and wide by 6cm from front to back.
There are no paints, just coloured clay. The pin head uses translucent white to get a slight pearl look to it.
His button eyes and pin have been varnished for added shine.

The design is Copyright to EA Games but this model belongs to me.

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Yes, the stitches look ace.!!!! Nice. 
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I love this little guy! There's a few really nice designs in the Sims that work well as little figures, i had my eye on the cat and dog shaped planters for a while...
A bit more or less related, i saw your tumblr and i'm pretty thrilled you're also doing sims CC! Ive been modifying meshes myself (but on a very basic level)
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There's quite a few little planters that would look really good in the real world.

Oh yes. I've been making Sims CC since the days of TS2. The Bodyshop program was what got me into it just starting with clothing recolours. I've only made two objects meshed completely from scratch as I usually stick to editing or combining existing meshes from the game.
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That's pretty great, i never made anything from scratch! I was struggling quite a lot recently when i tried to turn the head of the bear costume into a hunter trophy wall decoration :blush:
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How did it turn out in the end?
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It didn't work at all and i gave up :lol: I#m not very good with blender
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