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NES Controller Charm

A miniature NES controller charm I decided to make for a mate's birthday at the end of this month.
He's a big Nintendo fan so I thought this would be a nice surprise.
It's made out of Fimo polymer clay with the red text having been painted on by hand in acrylic. "Nintendo" is actually legible but sadly "START" and "SELECT" are not.
It measures 26mm by 11mm not including the lanyard.
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fallingpandas's avatar
Brilliant on so many levels.
13anana's avatar
Wonderful work!
Love all the detail. It looks like a real life controller. You got all the measurements spot on. :]
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Thanks very much! I hope my mate likes it as much.
13anana's avatar
I hope they do too. :3
LukeGraber's avatar
the detail is really nice for having worked so small. Nothing is out of place.
Alistu's avatar
I even made sure to attach the lanyard where the cable would have gone. I should have taken a picture of the back as well really as I included the screw holes and part number panel.
WizzKid97's avatar
That is so amazing! You're so skilled at making these! :D
Alistu's avatar
Thak you!:D
I think I could do with investing in some smaller paintbrushes though.
WizzKid97's avatar
You're welcome! :D
Ha ha! An idea for next time! ;)
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