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2020 Toilet Paper Christmas Tree +commission+

Here's something fun to end the year on that sums up 2020!.

I was commissioned to create a toilet paper Christmas tree as a tree decoration.
It includes empty toilet roll tubes stuck together to form a trunk and the year 2020 perforated into the paper sheets as a banner across the front.
The little decorations are each held on with a small metal pin to make them more secure and difficult to knock off.

Each toilet roll and tube was sculpted individually by hand with no paints involved.

The finished piece measures 8.5cm tall, 5.5cm wide, and 2.5cm deep.

You can find a picture of the individual toilet paper rolls and tubes on my Facebook page.
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Oh that is VERY fitting :') And great idea with the tree trunk. Even with a small ornament like this you put in so many neat little details. My mom got her first vacc shot last week so hopefully the ornament for next year will not have to be toilet paper AGAIN x(

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I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that I do not have to do a follow up piece for next Christmas.