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Lives of the Nameless
I slowly leave out the doors,
Breathing the cool, crisp air.
A full week of work comes to an end,
And just a few more things to do,
Before I can go back home and sleep.
I turn around and lock up the doors,
The store secured for the weekend.
I lock up the gates, get in my vehicle,
And I start off for the house.
I have my left hand on the wheel,
While the other is in my hair.
The exhaustion and the darkness meld.
Add in the melancholy of my thoughts,
And I feel like I’m flying again.
My muscles feel like Jell-O,
And I feel my mind flying miles away.
Away to my friends…
Away to my family…
Away to anywhere…
…Anywhere but here.
I slowly focus back on the road,
My eyes drawn back to street lights.
I haven’t veered at all,
But I’ve traveled about a mile,
With no memory of the distance in mind.
I shake my head quickly as I look around,
Looking for four-legged dangers,
And to see how much longer I’ll be driving.
I begin to gain my bearings
When I
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The Bell Toll
Alister leaned against the front of the desk, cringing slightly as his bruises ached.  He was lacking his shirt, foregone because of his right arm, currently wrapped in the sling.  His jacket rested on his shoulders, opened as usual, but covering most of the bandaging.  The professors didn’t need to know how bad of a beating he’d taken, or at least not yet.  He had called them all to his office telepathically, but he knew it would take them time to get there, and he was at least going to get into a comfortable stance before he discussed what the future would bring.  He looked down as he thought, and suddenly saw his bells, attached at the end of his jeans.  He waved his left hand by his waist, and one of the bells disintegrated into dust.  The red dust flew up into his hand, re-condensing into the red silver bell that it was before.  He inspected the all-too-familiar bell as he rolled it in his hand, remembering the texture and the de
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Alexander, Ravager of the Colosseum by AlisterThatchel Alexander, Ravager of the Colosseum :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 0 0 MtG sketches by AlisterThatchel MtG sketches :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 3 2
Whit's End
My hands weigh heavy on the keys,
Slowly typing away.
Rustling outside my door leads to a knock,
The usual “Come in” slips my lips.
He comes in, asking how my day was.
“Well, it hasn’t been that go-“
“That’s cool, hey, wanna come with us?”
He might as well be asking to pull teeth.
“Nah, I’m not really feeling it…”
“Come on, be a friend.  I don’t wanna either.”
Then why are you going?
“Go ahead without me, I have stuff...”
“Come on, it won’t be as bad if your there.”
Yes it will, and you know it.
“I’m staying here.”
“Ugh, fine, whatever.”
Door closes.  Thank God.
They don’t know what they do to me.
The falsities, the lies, the arrogance of them.
They drag into their problems, head-first,
With little concern for my thoughts or feelings.
How could they?  They call me their friend; why?
This is
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Blood and Fur
Blood and fur flew after the three strokes of Cyrus’ ninjatōs tore a chunk of flesh from the demon.  The scream of agony it let out shattered the stain glass that hung on the wall.  It gripped its side and turned to face his attacker.
Cyrus grinned as he faced his enemy as well, circling the demon slowly.  “Don’t underestimate me, demon.  I may not kill your kind often, but I’m more than proficient at it.”
Alister regained his footing and dipped his fingers in the chalk, starting to trace lines on the glove as he began to walk forward, muttering a chant under his breath.
The demon grinned and growled lowly.  “This really will be fun, won’t it?”  His wound slowly started to knit back together with the black blood he had flowing through his veins.  “I haven’t had a good fight in over five hundred years.”
Cyrus began to move faster as he continued to circle his prey.  “You
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Another ID by AlisterThatchel Another ID :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 0 2 Stream by AlisterThatchel Stream :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 2 2 The Fungus Among-Us by AlisterThatchel The Fungus Among-Us :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 1 4 Trail #4 by AlisterThatchel Trail #4 :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 1 4 Where people once tread... by AlisterThatchel Where people once tread... :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 1 2 Vole Hole by AlisterThatchel Vole Hole :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 0 0 Pondside by AlisterThatchel Pondside :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 0 0 Trail #2 by AlisterThatchel Trail #2 :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 1 0 Trail #1 by AlisterThatchel Trail #1 :iconalisterthatchel:AlisterThatchel 0 0
Old Man Thatchel
Alister and Cyrus walked calmly into the ruins.  Alister had on his gloves, while Cyrus had one of the ninjatō drawn and resting on his arm.  They both slowly passed down the route Requal had taken, her past steps being illuminated by a spell circle flickering from Alister’s glove.  They traveled down the ruined path, and as they got closer to their destination, they became more careful about their movements, and slowed their chatting of missions from days at their own academy.  When they finally got to the second-to-last floor, Cyrus finally changed the subject.
“So Thatchel, I know Tallia wasn’t quite your type, but have you found anyone that you might be interested in making your bride?”
Alister looked at him confused.  “What’s made you ask that question, old friend?  Surely you can’t be that interested in my love life.”
Cyrus shrugged and rested his sword on his shoulder.  “Well, you
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This is my gallery, and I hope you enjoy what's inside :la::eager::)
-New House, just moved & settled (FINALLY!)
-Just got done with being sick from a nasty cold
-Same job, more chaos
-Signing up for civil service exam
-In process of reducing student loans
-Joining a online Pathfinder game
-Trying to catch up on countless deviations I've missed commenting on
-Vacation less than a month
-Going to see a Bo Burnham stand-up in Ithaca NY on the 13th of Nov
-Excited for Halloween


-Terribly sorry for the absences both before, now, and future.  Will be back with more news (and hopefully more deviations) later.

Hope everyone is doing better than I am.
Otherwise I pray for your sanity :XD:



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