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Abeo theme

My first iPhone theme!
Well, jumping on the latin/abstract/short named bandwagon, I've called it Abeo which means to change or digress. :P
Please make sure you check out the -alt icons and wallpapers to find something you really like! :)

Template included to make your own icons and also UIImages, simply place the folder in the main folder to use :P

-Added more icons

If you want your icon labels back, use this Info.plist - [link] :)
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thanks for sharing! love your theme
Cool theme i like the small apps but my dock is still the same as before it has big apps but my app games are small now so i dont know why my apps in my dock are still big ... anyhelp ? i have an iphone 2g and its ios is 3.1.3 .... thanks :)))
Cool theme but i got this problem my dock is still the same as before the apps on my dock are big but the app games are now small .... my iphone is 2g and its ios is 3.1.3
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After 2 years of this theme beign out there, even after I have tried so many new ones, I just keep coming back to this. I love this theme. It is one of the best.
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Thanks so much for the theme and template
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how do i install this ?
Love this theme but for some reason i cant seem to get Ulimages to change all my icons. There are actually apps that i have which have icons included in the theme but arent applied. Anyone know what this could be?
how do you get the winter kind
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This just made my night, thanks man.
hey alistair! can you put up the BLUE wallpaper? without the lights.. THANKS!
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Nice theme bro, i love the effects!
:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
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You're welcome :)
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saw this over on MacThemes...can't wait to put these on my phone, especially with the 5-icon springboard.
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Thanks! It works well with 5 icons :D
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Hey I love the theme but on another website on which you posted that you didn't want direct uploads, the screenie shows a do I get that? mine is flat and I think the dock makes a good addition to abeo's style. thanks
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I hope this is the right one - [link]
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They're small icons? Crap.

I'd use them if they were 59x60. :hmm:
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Your PNGs are enormous in file size. Those 64kb PNGs can be trimmed down to 8kb or less using PNGcrusher.
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Thanks but I'm on 10.5 :/ Quite a few icons as well :D
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Cool theme, i like the size of the icons. :)
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