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Colorful Desktop Candy

By alisonmf
A mac inspired wallpaper I thought I would make for you all. <3
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© 2007 - 2021 alisonmf
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Is it free to use? 
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My desktop will be more sweetie if I use this colorful desktop candy :) ..Thanks alsnd12 
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This is my favorite desktop wallpaper ever!
Would love to get this for Dual monitors [1900x1200x2]
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Hey! I used your wallpaper as inspiration for this piece:

Thought you might wanna now. :)
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So nice wallpaper, i do wish i could make wallpapers like these. Nice wallpaper. Cheers
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:la: AHH!!!!!! AI ROVE IT!! (^o^)
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great wallpaper. think i'll be using this for quite a while.
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Nice one. How about a 1080p version?
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i'll have to re-make it. that being said, I'll make bigger resolutions, but only at 72 DPI.
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Chomp! I might add this to my desktop.... :D
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Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
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Nice, impressive. Can we get it in Widescreen?
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Thanks! Maybe it you asked me when I made it and before my external hard drive crapped out. lol
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Ooh that's pretty good. Looks pro enough to come with some version of windows or something =)
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