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Goddess Kamon's Intro - Endless Book 1
Meanwhile elsewhere in the sky, Ginsu stepped through the wooded area on the western isle of the God Lands. He pushed aside a hanging, leafy branch and sighed upon the sight of a simple shrine. Looking left and right, the blue haired god advanced forward while the leaves rustled in the gentle breeze. Ginsu pushed aside the wooden sliding door, stepped inside and pushed it back to glide into place.
    His steps slowed and he turned his head moments later to see the door now sliding closed. “Hmm…” Carefully Ginsu examined the room dimly lit by candles evenly spaced around the room.
    “Ever so suspicious. It’s so humorous your thoughts never go as far as your brother’s.” A female playfully said and quietly chuckled. “You never cease to grow my curiosity.”
    Ginsu’s steps halted and sighed while he closed his eyes. “Hello Kamon. Do you really need to be spying on me?”
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Random Flower by AlisiaLanet Random Flower :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 9 2
Endless Book 1 Scene Opinion
Okay! I've gotten 2 different opinions on this and so I'm curious what others think. I know what I think but I like input before I decide which one stays and which one goes. This is the dungeon scene between Sophia and Amoxious. These are the 2 versions for fine tuning I came up with in reworking what's in the original here on my DA found in Death Frame, Chapter 4 I believe. Either below leave your vote or follow the link to the poll to leave your input on if you prefer version 1, version 2, neither or both. Thank you ever so much!
Version 1:
Later that evening, a guard stepped out of the inn and made his way to the dungeons location just off the castle grounds. Once inside, the guard continued and stopped in front of the cell of a resting Sophia on the floor mat. “So beautiful. Too bad you must be left behind such metal constructs.”
    “Neh?” she rolled over and sat up, rubbing one eye with a yawn. “Wha?” Sophia blinked clear
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Endless - Book 1 - Nate Fight Scene
Outside the wind had picked up and a section of shadows flickered by the house while the croen ran towards the battle. He took a breath, clinched his hands tightly and exhaled with his wings coming out. Don’t kill, Nate thought and took flight up through the trees before leveling out to resume his path towards the park.
        Once he arrived, Flora’s mixed army had just began to engage the enemy. Nate sharply inhaled before swiftly flying down and slammed a fist square in the nose of a trollish looking reptile demon. The croen kept going as that first demon fell then a second was punched and a third before he landed, while simultaneously roundhouse kicking a fourth and fifth.
        A sixth came swinging his large bladed weapon at the croen as he landed. Nate swiftly jumped back then to the right upon hearing an angered snort, turning just in time to see the other soldier bring an axe down. His jaw tightened as bla
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Aphelia Creature - Vampires
In the spirit of Halloween, I've decided to give some details on the 3 ranks of Vampires that exist in Aphelia.
There are 3 ranks:
Lowest: Silver Biters (aka Bloodsuckers)
Middle: Crimson Noble (aka Vampires)
Highest: Solar Royalty
> Silver Biters: Being the most sadistic of the three, they are just as fast as the other two and can appear just as enchantingly attractive. They hunt during the harvest moon where a dance takes place and primarily the men are sent to one or more towns and/or cities to bring back humans. There they commonly separate the men and women with the female vampires slowly draining the men while dismembering them. The male vampires handle the women, draining them and doing as they see fit for screams and the gathering of blood. They cannot go into the sunlight. If they do then they burn into dust like soot. Quite the painful event and hard to watch sight and to hear a creature screaming out in pain as they die. They have sharp pointed ears that look almost elf l
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Aphelia Plant - Golden Reed by AlisiaLanet Aphelia Plant - Golden Reed :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 5 4 Tabaxi Rogue - Tailwind by AlisiaLanet Tabaxi Rogue - Tailwind :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 3 4 Screenshot 2018-08-22-11-44-30_Holy Cow O_O by AlisiaLanet Screenshot 2018-08-22-11-44-30_Holy Cow O_O :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 0 Aphelia Flower - Weeping Widdow by AlisiaLanet Aphelia Flower - Weeping Widdow :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 4 0 Aphelia Creature - Croen Demon by AlisiaLanet Aphelia Creature - Croen Demon :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 3 2 Kitties Shevia and Lucky by AlisiaLanet Kitties Shevia and Lucky :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 4 6 Kitties Sabrina and Salem grown up by AlisiaLanet Kitties Sabrina and Salem grown up :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 3 4 Rough Sketches - Gods and Goddesses Hair Designs by AlisiaLanet Rough Sketches - Gods and Goddesses Hair Designs :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 4 2 Aphelia Creature - Pet to the Weaver Twins by AlisiaLanet Aphelia Creature - Pet to the Weaver Twins :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 2 Syra and Sora snoozing on the sofa by AlisiaLanet Syra and Sora snoozing on the sofa :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 3 2 Syra Posing - Love the camera by AlisiaLanet Syra Posing - Love the camera :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 3 4


Reunion by Orpheelin Reunion :iconorpheelin:Orpheelin 3,511 214 RWBY - Chibi Jinn by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN RWBY - Chibi Jinn :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 315 19 Evelyn - Test by PaopuTree Evelyn - Test :iconpaoputree:PaopuTree 56 9 ~Smile~ by Seikagaku ~Smile~ :iconseikagaku:Seikagaku 15 2 Evelyn by The-Mask-King by PaopuTree Evelyn by The-Mask-King :iconpaoputree:PaopuTree 52 3 Pagedoll doodle by CorundumFang Pagedoll doodle :iconcorundumfang:CorundumFang 63 5 Medibang test - Finished by CorundumFang Medibang test - Finished :iconcorundumfang:CorundumFang 23 4 Cosmo Wolf Dragon by ShotsyShotsy Cosmo Wolf Dragon :iconshotsyshotsy:ShotsyShotsy 8 0 Swan Dragon by ShotsyShotsy Swan Dragon :iconshotsyshotsy:ShotsyShotsy 12 0 Blessed be Thou Who Favs by Huuni Blessed be Thou Who Favs :iconhuuni:Huuni 149 13 Fav to Make My Life Worth Living by Huuni Fav to Make My Life Worth Living :iconhuuni:Huuni 126 11 Still a Long Way to Go by Huuni Still a Long Way to Go :iconhuuni:Huuni 89 7 //RUNS IN SCREAMING by Huuni //RUNS IN SCREAMING :iconhuuni:Huuni 190 15 Pokemon Enamel Pins by Huuni Pokemon Enamel Pins :iconhuuni:Huuni 184 27 Werecat Assassin Weapon Commission Batch by ShadowDragon22 Werecat Assassin Weapon Commission Batch :iconshadowdragon22:ShadowDragon22 234 11 Briseas Dragon Commission by ShadowDragon22 Briseas Dragon Commission :iconshadowdragon22:ShadowDragon22 205 19
Checkout the artists who artwork I found Favorite-able ^_^ If you like also give some Favorite attention to them as well.


Vision: Fits the title and description perfectly. It has the look of something from the Steampunk setting with all the metal and mechan...

Vision: Fits the title and intent in the description perfectly. Each of the four gems are nicely done to leave no question to what they...

Vision: Fits the title and are both very beautiful. It's nice to see it has a focus on the sky yet also has other appealing items for t...

Vision: The four pieces do fit the title and description exactly. They are lovely pieces and look very realistic if they were made usin...


Endless Book 1 Scene Opinion. Which you like better?… 

1 deviant said Version 1
1 deviant said Both
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There's action, adventure, light romance, magic, Gods/Goddesses, and sadness. What I post here are the 1st revisions of the story originally wrote in 2008 and 2010. It will be further refine and improved. That version will either be shared here or elsewhere. On that I will be hoping to get opinions to know if anything still needs fixed before I move forwards in the steps to publish it.

I also have 2 books on Amazon for purchase. Dragon's Awakening and Aphelia: A Collection of Short Stories. Go check them out if you'd like and, if you do, leave a rating. You can find a Folder in my Gallery listed Published Works (Or something like that) for your convenience.


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