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First Tattoo

By alishaxword
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my first tattoo and i couldn't be happier.
right side, lowerback to ribs

i might add on to it more later but i might just leave it how it is.
please dont steal the idea even though im sure someone else has this somewhere out there

annnd i didnt do this myself, a young talented friend did.

Check out my Second Tattoo: [link]

Third tattoo: [link]
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May 20, 2010, 6:07:16 PM
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Crystal4006's avatar
That is awesome! Best tattoo ever!
Hi i have a friend who just got a tattoo that is basically the same and was wondering if that friend is you (and i just didnt know that you had a deviantart). Is this Ashley? It's Kathryn from EpiD E block. If not, the tattoo is beautiful anyways!
fikretyildiz's avatar
it's a beautiful tattoo but i can't say it's an original idea :D
ranalligator's avatar
lol. i like how you said to not "steal the idea."
except i know or certain that you didn't create the design yourself.
CaptainSeawolf's avatar
Oh wow so neat and a rib tattoo? :O_o: I hear those are the most painful type to get since there is so little skin and muscle over the ribs, but wow, this is just beautiful! Whimsical and fun but class too, a fantastic choice I think in a first tattoo. :D
millie369's avatar
sweet-iris249's avatar
How much did this cost?
the only differnce is that i have "wishes are weightless" in cursive like flowig inside mine yours looks so dark and pretty in the picture
where did you get yours done ive had mine a while and they messed up my dandelion it needs redone i was wondering what state you got yours in what shop and whats the name of the person i got mine in ohio that was a mistake
MademoiselleCurieuse's avatar
the idea is so gorgeous <3 excellent work.. *_* just love it..
TypicallySunshine's avatar
Pretty! I know someone with the EXACT same tattoo. But it's still really cool, no matter who it's on.
Rowander's avatar
This is so beautiful <3
Dasbedina2's avatar
i am absolutely in love with this : D
Onorengan's avatar
Very cool!

How much did it cost?
ADamnSnakebite's avatar
love love love this concept! and it looks great!
Actually I've already seen it a lot of times, but still, it's very well done and you choosed a good place. Bet it was kind of painfull in the ribs, wasn't it?
alykatmerc's avatar
i love this!!! it's very similar to the one i want to get
Chumlie's avatar
I love this tattoo! So pretty :D will it stretch at all when you have kids? i just got one in that area and that's my worry lol.
thank you very much [: and i'm not sure. thats why i placed it from my back up my ribs just to make sure if i choose to have kids it won't be damaged too much.
Chumlie's avatar
That's was a very good idea where you placed it :D
ANDREXITO's avatar
fukkin amazing
love it
hah thank you [:
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