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Little Red's photo by Alisha-Mordicae Little Red's photo by Alisha-Mordicae
If you have seen "Return to Granny's Cottage" In my gallery if not, Little red is out for revenge. But i deciede to start from the begining. By the way in Returns you will see a photo mounted on the wall. This is one of granny's other photos taken on the same day.

Once upon a time there lived in a village at the edge of vast wood a beautiful young girl, She had lovely dark hair and bright blues eyes. Her skin was perfect with cheeks of a natural fresh glow, her lips a deep pink colour that were always smiling. Her mother was excessively fond of her, and worried sometimes about the day she would finally grow up and leave her side. She had no father, as he had left some time ago, Little Red (as everyone called her) could hardly remember him, and was happy with it just being her and her mother, and her beloved Grandmother who lived deep within the woods. Her grandmother doted on her even more, and wished they would come and live with her in her big old cottage in the wood. But Little Red needed school, and her mother had to work in the village. ?It's just not practical, or safe to keep travelling through the woods, especially at night.? Replied Red mother, when Granny used to ask.

Everyone knew the little girl as little red, as know matter where she was going she always wore red. ?It looks so beautiful against your dark hair.? her mother told her once. And from that day on no other colour would do. One Autumn as the day began to get colder her grandmother gave her a beautiful red cloak. ?It's a red riding hood. I made especially for you, I found this beautiful fabric. and thought it must have been created just for you.? She then went into great detail, as Granny's do about the rest of what she did that day, and who she spoke to, and how it was made. But I see no reason to bore you with the conversation as well. Little red squealed with delight when she saw it, thanked her grandmother, and rushed to a mirror to put it on. It suited the girl so extremely well, that she always wore it. Even when the days became warmer and summer arrived, she still insisted that she must wear her red hood. It did not take long for everyone to start calling her Little Red Riding Hood.

This would be one of the photos Granny took on the day she gave Red the ridding hood.

Hope you like it, and the bit of a story too. HA!
infuscomus Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009
she looks scary to me
Alisha-Mordicae Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
Maybe more naughty than scary, but thanks for the comment
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June 11, 2009
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