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{Torimori} The Greatest Fur/Hair Guide

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I've made this guide to explain many things about the fluff/fur/hair and make them much more clearlier than before :> Hope you enjoy this guide! If you still have extra questions - feel free to ask. Pheew. That was not easy, but yay, we got it!! X3



(read the info on picture better, with illustrations included; here is the same info, just in case if someone can't read the original clearly ♥)

   Originally, Torimoris are covered by feathers, so it's always a problem to distinguish the feathers from fur when you make your MYO, especially because feathers may look fluffy too. In different styles, they can look even similar. However, feathers and fur have some limits and here we try to show and explain the basics about them and common mistakes.

• ‘Hair Anatomy’ aka Direction

   The large feathers forming the tuft are not as flexible as the fur. They are bouncy and grow first upwards in the direction of growth, and only then slightly bend to the side. Theoretically, the fur grows in the same way, but the fur is much thinner to be bent in any directions.

- two kinds of direction -

   You can make the hairstyles, where feathers are raised from their beginning. However, feathers should not look like a long forelock, they just can`t lie like that.

   Important note: it strongly depends on the style. There are small exceptions sometimes. This is just an example, as it is supposed to be.

• Limits and styles

   There are no traits, so there are so many possibilities. But there are some limits too. As we said above, sometimes it depends on style, but, basically, to draw the feathered head, you should just draw every feather separately! At least on the reference, you should show it clear.

If you draw like this:

<look at the pictures>

Then you should do:

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! - Nothing (that`s totally feathers)
Yellow Bullet - Fur Upgrade is recommended (highly)
Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! - Fur Upgrade definitely
Bullet; White - Cotton Upgrade
Pastel Pink Bullet - Hair Upgrade (Plant&Fur mix)

   The other thing you should know is length.
   As the chickens, Torimoris can look fluffy. But, for extra fluff and more difficult hairstyles, you must have the Fur Upgrade on chosen part of body. 
   Despite this, fur is quite short: for hairstyles it can`t be longer than before the chin. Only if you`ve added the Plant Upgrade on the same part with fur - it can grows much longer and, because of Plant MT, flowers and plants can grow here. ♥


• Fluffy Tails

   The tail of Torimori is short on skeleton level, but the long feathers can grow from it. Fur is much shorter, you should get a Plant Upgrade to make the real fluffball from it. The Fluffy Tail {ATR} can be long itself though, that allows you to make curled tails that make it look bigger, even if the length of fur is the same actually.

- fluffy tails examples -

  • As with hairstyles, if the tail of your Torimori is feathered, you should draw the feathers more `separately`, at least at the reference.
  • A little pom tail can look fluffy though, as long as it`s short enough. Pom is a short bat tail with a bunch of small feathers on it actually.

• Fluffy Ears

   The ears are bald mostly, or have a thin layer of small feathers, which makes them slightly fluffy. 
   Feathers/fluff still can grow inside. In most styles (even in mine own) the feathers fluff look like the fur, but it`s still bunch of small feathers in fact, so I admit to draw it like that. 
   However, you shouldn`t make the line of ear edges ragged by the fur - this zone is a bald skin, and fluff here means that the skin has turned into the fur by the Fur Upgrade.


• Fluffy Legs

   You can transform the legs of Torimoris into the Puppy Legs by using a Beast Potion, however, some other cool things are allowed here without Powers needed. You can make feathered pants like some doves have. Just make sure that they look like the feathers, make them long and big.


• Potions

The main potion here is Beast Potion that 
can add the Fur Material and/or Fluffy Tail to the Torimori. 

Tailor Potion S by TorimoriARPG Tailor Potion M by TorimoriARPG
The second one is Tailor Potion, adds the cotton-like fluff to the Tori. 
Fan fact: it even can turn the blood to the soft Cotton! (Cotton flows in our veins, the heart is mild!)

Growing Potion S by TorimoriARPG Growing Potion M by TorimoriARPG
And, the third potion is Growing Potion
In combination with the Fur Upgrade, it makes the fur muuuch longer! 

   All these potions are obtainable from Lon`s Potion Shop just for 350 NP (M) or 250 NP (S), also you can rarely get some from the Magic Fountain and for completing some TasksQuests and Events.

Hope it was helpful! Enjoy and see ya next time ♥

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Cool! Thanks for the tips!
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What if I were to make a crest for my Tori that can move up and down like a cockatiel is that allowed?
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Very useful, finally found out what I can do with my old potion ;u;
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sHoulD ShAll NoT PaSS
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This is what I needed!
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how do you get a Tori? Do you have to pay? I would really like to make one.
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Well, There are Many Ways to get yourself a tori!

1. You can either yes, Buy it from an auction using real money or DA points

2. Participate and Win in Raffles or other Related events like DTAs
Like this one going on right now~ {OPEN} {Torimori} Daily Raffle 7/7

3. You can get yourself an MYO ticket using the group's currency! NyamPoints! or NP for short! over here: [ MYO/Customs | Life's Creatures Shop ]

As to how to earn NP?

There are more ways to get some!
1. Mainly through participating in the group's tasks and events
Like this ongoing one! [ Task #17 ] The Storytellers | Ends: 27 May

2. Selling trinkets at the shop, Trinkets are another reward you can earn from these tasks and events, selling them can give you a nice bit of NP

3. Doing Commissions and YCHs for the cost of NP, there are some good examples in this folder:…

I hope this info helped you ^^
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If you wanted your Tori to have a really long, feathered tail (like a quetzal or bird-of-paradise might have), would that require a potion/upgrade?
Alisenokmice's avatar
feathers could be long, this is fine for all kind of torimoris :3
so you don't have to upgrade for that!
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I should've made my myo wait longer FFFFFFF-

Ah well, I'll agree with the comment below!
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This is life, this is the only guide I will never need again

this species feels whole now that I can make my toris have stupid amounts of hair
Alisenokmice's avatar
XD lmao

make a fluffball
and shhhh
don't say anyone that you have a tori actually
keep it in secret
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it will be a secret *shush shush*
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