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{APower} Wings {Examples of Use}

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{Torimori} APower - zones of change by Alisenokmice

 Ears/Head | Neck/Breast Back/Body | Wings | Tail Legs

Sprite Rip: Leafy Sprouts Sprite Rip: Roots Sprite Rip: Leafy Sprouts 


What is the difference between green and pink circles?
- Torimori is something between a bat and a bird. The muzzle and ears must remind the bat when the rest of the body is a bird. So, everything that 'Natural Torimori' has is shown in green circles. However, torimoris are able to change their appearance, acquiring unusual properties. This is called the 'awakening of power' and some examples of how this power can be used - shown in pink circles.

What is 'Awakened Power'?
- Every torimori have the hidden potential inside that allow them to change their common appearance and become more different, special. If your tori feel that they want to be stronger or softer, brighter in nights or maybe invisible, become a part of the water or fire - here is the way to do it! ♥

How can I awake this power?
- To uncover potential and awake the power that gives you tori ability to change - you and your little friend should be active in our group to earn Nyam Points and buy the potions from the shop. Certain types of potions stimulate a certain element to change. For example, to change the properties of the wings - you will need a medium potion, while to add, say, some wool to tori's ears - you will need one small potion.
- Also you can wait for the special events that allow you to train your torimori. This is a more natural way of uncovering the potential, but usually longer.

'Undiscovered' - what does it mean?
- This means that among the torimori known to us, there are still no such who would have such feature, so here this thing is undiscovered and we also have no potions or training for this. Follow the news!

So, here is the 'trait sheet'?
No. Torimoris have no traits and here is only some examples how you can use the potions/what can your tori become! For example, if you upgrade the ears by cotton potion - you can add some wool inside ears or at the end of ears, or make the ears entirely of wool. Furthermore, you can even mix these features and get more interesting results! Like, say, mix an Plant Potion with an Aura Potion and your tori will be able to grow shining plants from their body. Mix a Hair Potion with a Fire Potion and get the fire mane. Or you can get effect resemble from the Aura Potion... Enjoy!
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