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You didn't get my point, right?

If you don't understand something - it doesn't mean that's useless and can't worth the money. Some people also doesn't see the reason why the football can be fun, or why you should be dreaming about the car that's pretty expensive and worth a lot too. They would say the same, "that's so dumb". But you know that this is something special for you. You need that and you get that. You have the money to spend them, and that's fine.

Probably, you don't see why buying of the creature concept can be useful. Okay, so let me explain.

People buy the concepts to get full rights and be able to use this concept/picture for their personal/commercial projects. Like, for books, games, and so on. If they would use a random picture from the internet - that's illegal and they will have the problem in the future. Or that's just not so satisfying, because you need to worry about that, if your project will be closed just because you stole the stuff from other artists.

They also can't draw that by theirselves, because that requires some skills that people usually don't have. And even if they have the skills - that can be much easier to buy the concept from others (for example, you are tired from your main job and you don't have too much time to draw a creature for your project). Or simply they might find it and say: "Oh, that's exactly what I wanted!" Like, they want exactly this creature and already know of how they will use that. They can't copy this creature (it would be illegal too), so that's, again, easier to just buy it.

Also, some people buy them for their collections, that's like the real plush/figurine collections, but the virtual ones. For example, I don't have a place in my home to collect pokemon plushes or something, but I still love to collect stuff in the game. That satisfying me and makes me happy. I don't have too much of money, but I still can spend them to things I love, right? And it would be a pack of sushi to satisfy my tummy, or a cool concept of my favorite artist, that satisfies my soul and gives me some inspiration.

Sometimes that's just to support their favorite artist and get a piece of their art.


No one buys that "just because".

There are many of reasons.

No one of them is "dumb".

If a person have the money to spens - it's okay to spend them to something they love. No reason to blame, seriously.

Galagraphic lizard Adopt Set Price [CLOSED]

So? What's your point? "I don't need that, so other people shouldn't like that too", or what?

I see you love the football. Can I tell you how weird it is to pay to watch people kick the ball? Or paying thousands of dollars for a signed T-shirt?

No, I can't, because it would be stupid, I know that this is important to someone else. I know that's the full industry with a big fanbase. People get inspiring from that, people get adrenaline, a reason to communicate and discussions, it creates memories, and so on.

But you just did it. You love one thing, but you humiliate someone else's just because..? Not very good, man.

Galagraphic lizard Adopt Set Price [CLOSED]

just 30$ for a full reference of creature with pretty unique concept and nice quality of picture. In industry, such works usually starts from 100-150$, you know? If you prefer stealing pictures from the internet for your projects - that's only your problem. That's the work and that should be payed.

Galagraphic lizard Adopt Set Price [CLOSED]

Can you say which potions you used and on which zone?

Shadow M on head (eyes), Prismatic M on Wings (multi wings) and Insect M on body (Insect Legs), right?

Also, upload reference to deviantart to be fully added to the masterlist ♥

it says you have no enough of nyam points!!