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The wishing well genie - close up

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The wishing well genie by Alise-arts
Everyone knew the story of the old well..throw a coin into it and a spirit will appear and grant your wishes. Just one would be granted, not two, nor three...

Most would ask for good health, better relationships or whatever wealth they'd fancy. They did this not knowing that the spirit - once just an ordinary boy himself until his greed trapped him in the well - springs a tear filled with sadness in exchange for every wish granted. Forced to hear and fulfill others dreams for mere coins his well turned salty of grief wish by wish..

Until one faithful evening, amidst a windy sunset, another coin makes it's way down...but no wish follows as it always had and always should. Driven by a feeling of curiosity, he had believed long gone, the spirit emerges to the surface...he had given up on surfacing during the ages since none seemed to believe in spirits anymore and because of it were unable to see him in this hollow form.
The beautiful creature he discovered leaning over his well had not needed to speak her wish, for her wish was like wishing for the sun minutes before dawn...all she had ever wanted was to meet the spirit. She had always believed in him and even more as she saw him emerge. Able to finaly stare in his eyes she noticed them tired and saddend of his life led for others. Inspired by the moment she found words to whisper a final wish: "I wish for you to fulfill your own wishes from now on..."

You can make your own wishes and desires come true. The first step is believing in your inner spirit

-I thank a dear friend for touching up this story, I had only written a few lines to explain the drawing, but he painted the world of the genie in a way I could never, with something as simple as words- ©Alise Art

The earring is a real item, Song of Sirens by :iconnessasilverwolf: check out her :gallery:
Song of Sirens by NessaSilverwolf

I had a lot of fun making this and hope to do more of these in the future.
©Alise Art
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© 2014 - 2021 Alise-arts
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OMG! I just love it!!! Wonderful artwork and story!
thank you :hug:
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:hug: your artwork is also fantastic - I had a lot of praises about the earring, I had to keep reminding them that it was not my design ;)
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it looks so perfect on her!
I love everything: the atmosphere, the characters, the colors and the story!