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Fairies - Robin

Alise's Fairy Tales introduces - Robin
The first of a series of fairies (based on Alise's Color Girls) and the stories of their daily lives.

Ember search
Ember isn't only special because it feels warm, which is different than most gemstones. It's like it carries the warmth of the sun inside, complete with the happiness, well-being and prosperity that goes with it.
Robin has a special mission today, this gemstone is for her as an expecting parent, she'll carry the stone with her at all times and when the child is born, she'll give the stone to her new-born.
Wind (her mate) is always by her side, for children are not often born among fairies, he's on high alert to protect her and their unborn child.

Done with Photoshop and wacom tablet…
© Alise Art

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Very nice colours. And clever use of the maple-leaf brush ;)