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Persona Neo - Monday 09/04/18
09/04/18 Monday
After School
We visited Arianoli at the hospital after a day for not being able to focus at school. Arianoli sat up when we entered the room and while she looked tired, she also looked at peace.
“Hey, you two,” Arianoli said with a tired smile. “It’s good to see you, I’m already going mad in here.”
“You’ll be out of here soon.” I assured her.
“Mm. Also, I think thanks are in order. You two went to the Dream Realm to save me, didn’t you?” Arianoli said.
“Of course we did!” Jaidenenk exclaimed. “We care about you, Ari!”
“I know, you said as much in my dream. But I can’t determine what was real in that dream and what was just a dream. So I have some questions…” Arianoli said, twiddling her fingers.
“You want to make sense of what happened by asking us questions as we probably remember it better, being awake during it. Sure, we c
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Persona Neo - 08/04/18 Sunday
08/04/18 Sunday
I woke up that morning refreshed, not surprising since I slept like a log. With today’s goal in mind, Jaidenenk and I quickly got through our breakfast and got ready to go back to the Dream Realm to save Ari as soon as possible. Before we headed out, Jaidenenk stopped me outside of my room.
“Shinji, I couldn't say this yesterday since I was Gelert-tired, but thank you. Hearing that you would stick by me, that you’d still be my friend. That meant a lot to me, especially after all my fears were laid bare like that.” Jaidenenk said.
“Hey, it’s no problem man. You and Arianoli are the first friends I've had in forever and you two just so quickly accepting me as a friend. No one has ever done that for me before and I remember how nice it is to have friends now.” I said with a smile.
“So you really don’t mind that I was a tomb-robber?” Jaidenenk asked.
“Really, I don't mind at all. It's
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Persona Neo - Saturday 07/04/18
07/04/18 Saturday
The doctor confirmed that I was perfectly healthy and discharged me. I got back all my belongings, apart from my short sword which I assumed I had left behind, but including my dreamcatcher which I hung around my neck. I might as well since it was my link to Janus, my Persona. I also had the addition of some medicine, thinking it might help in the Dream Realm. But as I was about to sit in the lobby to wait for Arianoli and Jaidenenk, paramedics from an ambulance suddenly burst in with a one of those hospital rolling beds. I stood up and went cold when I saw who was in the bed. It was Arianoli and her eyes were closed and I heard saying the words “Sleeping Sickness”. It looks like that maybe our trip into the Dream Realm had affected Ari more than either of us thought it did. I despaired for a moment before wondering if the Sleeping Sickness had anything to do with the Dream Realm. If it did, I could possibly save her? With that pos
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Persona Neo - 06/04/18 Friday
06/04/18 Friday
I was back in the Velvet Room with Igor and Alina. Or more aptly, the Velvet Maze.
“Welcome to the Velvet Room. Relax, you are simply sleeping in the real world. I see that you have awakened to your hidden power.” Igor said.
“You mean my Persona?” I asked.
“Yes. It is of the Fool Arcana which means you have the power of the Wild Card.” Igor said. The power of the Wild Card sounded exciting, even though I had no idea what Igor was talking about. “The power of the Wild Card is like the number zero, empty but filled with endless possibilities. It is the power of Persona and the Wild Card that will help you overcome the trials ahead of you and will have you fulfil your role as the Dream Bearer.” Igor said. And there was that title again, the Dream Bearer. “Here, take this.” Igor said and a blue coloured key appeared before me. I grabbed the key and examined it closely. It almost looked like
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Persona Neo - 03/04/18
03/04/18 Tuesday
After School

I met Arianoli at the Temple of the Kazeriu as she asked, no, demanded me to do.
“Good, you’re here. I was afraid that Jaiden would manage to dissuade you at the last second.” Arianoli said.
“For the record, he did try.” I said. Jaidenenk had tried to convince me not to go all day after finding out that I was going to test the rumour with Arianoli. He told me that Arianoli’s threats were usually empty and it was a really bad idea. But he ended up sealing my decision to go instead when he mused whether Ari would do it whether I went or not and decided she might. I couldn’t let her go on her own, as I understood it, friends weren’t supposed to let other friends do things like that, at the very least let them do it alone. Jaidenenk did try to overturn my decision by stating that Arianoli probably wouldn’t if I didn’t show, but I didn’t want to take that chance and Jaiden gave up s
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Persona Neo - 02/04/18
02/04/18 Monday
Early Morning
Arianoli came calling like she had said she would. Thankfully, I was already up and dressed, although I felt like death as that dream had interrupted my beauty sleep.
“Good morning!” She said as I opened the door. She was dressed in the school’s winter uniform and still looked gorgeous. But she was the type that looked good in anything. A concerned look appeared on her pretty features. “Are you okay?” She asked me.
“Yeah, I’m fine. It just took longer to unpack than I thought it would, that’s all.” I replied. I didn’t want to say it was a bad dream as I didn’t want to seem childish in front of Arianoli.
“Hey, Ari!” Came a voice from the stairs. An eventide Kougra was running towards us.
“Good morning, Jaidenenk.” Arianoli said. Jaidenenk stopped in front of us and looked over at me.
“Oh, is this the new guy?” He asked Arianoli.
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Persona Neo - 01/04/18
Persona Neo - A Persona X Neopets Crossover
1st of the Month of Eating (April), Year 18
01/04/18 Sunday

My name is Shinji Norumi and I started out as a pretty normal Neopet. I was just a regular Cloud Zafara until the day I was travelling to Shenkuu to attend the Imperial High School of Shenkuu. My parents move around a lot for their job and this time they’re going to a place that doesn’t have a high school, which makes things inconvenient if I were to go with them, so I have to attend high school there. Thankfully, it’s a boarding school so I don’t have to stay with any relatives or family friends I barely know, I’m just going to live in a dorm and stay out of the other students’ ways. My parents would like me to make some friends, but what’s the point when I’ll be moving in a year? I just hope that the two family friends do live in Shenkuu that have been asked to keep an eye on me don’t push the whole “
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Myau Reference by Alisawarrior Myau Reference :iconalisawarrior:Alisawarrior 0 0 Maya Reference by Alisawarrior Maya Reference :iconalisawarrior:Alisawarrior 4 0
The Story of Amigo
My name is Amigo and I am a seal-point Siamese cat. I’m a bit shy and reserved. I also subscribe to the thought that it’s best to run and fight another day, although many call that being a scaredy-cat. The nerve! I used to live with an elderly lady with my long-time companion/rival, Carlos. I had known the lady that used to own me and Carlos since I was old enough to leave my mum. Carlos and I had an understanding so things were fairly peaceful. But then, our owner died. This made both Carlos and I rather sad, we had no one but each other now. Then our owner’s daughter took us in. But the understanding Carlos and I had forged was just for our owner and it had died with her. We fought constantly and Carlos was often the winner. We obviously upset our owner’s daughter and she eventually took us to a place where there were a lot of cats. I have since learned that they call it an Animal Shelter and it’s where animals with no homes go. But all I knew then was t
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09/04/18 Monday

After School

We visited Arianoli at the hospital after a day for not being able to focus at school. Arianoli sat up when we entered the room and while she looked tired, she also looked at peace.
“Hey, you two,” Arianoli said with a tired smile. “It’s good to see you, I’m already going mad in here.”
“You’ll be out of here soon.” I assured her.
“Mm. Also, I think thanks are in order. You two went to the Dream Realm to save me, didn’t you?” Arianoli said.
“Of course we did!” Jaidenenk exclaimed. “We care about you, Ari!”
“I know, you said as much in my dream. But I can’t determine what was real in that dream and what was just a dream. So I have some questions…” Arianoli said, twiddling her fingers.
“You want to make sense of what happened by asking us questions as we probably remember it better, being awake during it. Sure, we can do that.” I said confidently. Arianoli smiled again.
“Thank you.”

So Arianoli asked us many questions, including questions about her Persona, Aphrodite.
“So I didn’t dream her or her outfit up. I’m not sure if I should be soothed or worried about that. I mean, what does that say about me?” Arianoli sighed.
“It says you’re a sexy rebel.” I replied snarkily.
“That was a rhetorical question, smartass.” Arianoli countered. “That aside there’s one more thing I really want to know if I dreamed up or not. Jaidenenk, did you say that you loved me?”
Jaidenenk blushed furiously and his tail bushed out, looking like a bottle brush.
“A-ah, um…” He stuttered. Don’t tell me he was going to deny it! Then the nurse came in and told that Arianoli needed her rest. Arianoli protested, but we were hustled out of the room.
“Oh damn it all!” Jaidenenk moaned when we were out of earshot.
“I’m sure Arianoli is thinking the same thing. Why didn’t you say something instead of stammering?” I asked him, quite annoyed.
“It came so easily in the Dream Realm… I don’t know why my mind just locked up in the real world.” Jaidenenk admitted.
“Well, you still haven’t confessed properly if you haven’t confessed in the real world. So I could steal her if you take too long.”
“Don’t you even effing joke about that!”
“I am deadly serious.”
Jaidenenk stared at me for a moment before sighing.
“Okay, okay.” He said.
“No pressure though.” I said.


I headed home after eating out with Jaidenenk while he decided to stay out a little longer. As I came through the dorm door, a Plushie Kacheek with vivid green eyes suddenly slammed into me. Because of her tiny size, she didn’t knock me over, but the recoil of slamming into me made her fall onto her back.
“Hey, are you alright?” I asked her, holding my hand out.
“Oh! Yeah, I’m okay.” She said, taking my hand. I pulled her up and she dusted off her skirt. She was small, typical for a Kacheek and she was wearing the same uniform as all the girls in IHSS. The button she wore on the collar of her shirt said she was a first year. “Sorry for running into you like that. I should have been looking where I was going.” She apologised.
“It’s alright. Where were you going off to in such a hurry?” I said.
“I’m going out looking for my older brother before he gets locked out of the dorm again.” She replied.
“I better not keep you then. I’m Shinji, I live in this dorm too. Catch you later.”
“You can call me Daizm. Bye!”
Daizm then ran on out past me. I wondered who her brother was as went up to my room.

Late Night

As I turned the corner from the stairs to get to my room, I spotted a transparent, blue door at the end of the hallway. As I approached, the blue key that Igor had given me began to glow. Not seeing a keyhole, I placed the key against the door and it opened. I entered the Velvet Room.
“Welcome to the Velvet Room.” Igor said.
“Oh, so that door is a way I can visit here anytime?” I asked.
“That is correct. I believe it is time to describe what services we can offer to you, our guest.” Igor said. “One of our primary services is Persona fusion.”
“Persona fusion? You can fuse Personas together?” I said.
“Yes, I can fuse two or more of your Personas to create more powerful Personas. I also have noticed you have already made bonds with others. These bonds will also aid in the fusing of powerful Personas and increase your own power overal, so it is important to create and nurture as many bonds as possible. Our previous guests mostly called them Social Links.” Igor explained. So what I seen with Arianoli and Jaidenenk were Social Links. And seekng that Janus and my other two Personas had Arcana, the Arcana Lovers and Magician must be their Personas’ Arcana.
“Will everyone I make a Social Link with be able to use a Persona?” I asked Igor.
“While everyone in the world is associated with an Arcana, no not everyone can use an Arcana.” Igor replied.
“I shall now describe my role to you.” Alina said. “I can give you and your teammates better weapons to use in the Dream World. I can also imbue weapons with Personas to make them more powerful and give them special properties.” Alina explained. “I offer both main weapons and gun weapons but you’ll have to pay for them.”
“I have to pay for them? What use is neopoints to you?” I said in disbelief.
“Well, neopoints hold value to you and it’s interesting studying what you value.” Alina said with a slight smile. I sighed and then noticed a blue book on Alina’s lap. “What’s that book?” I asked her.
“It’s the Persona Compendium. You summon back any Personas you may have dismissed or fused away with this. It may be in your best interest to fill it’s pages.” Alina said.
“So, now that you know our services, would you like to give them a try?” Igor asked.
“Maybe later. It’s kinda late in my world and I need to get some sleep.” I said apologetically.
“Very well, I await your next visit.” Igor said and I exited the Velvet Room.
Persona Neo - Monday 09/04/18

So this chapter we see how Arianoli’s doing after her ordeal. And Jaidenenk still can’t spit it out in the real world. Better luck next time. We also learn about Social Links and the Velvet Room’s services. I know Social Linos are called Confidants in Persona 5, but they basically the same thing and this is my story.

Disclaimer: You should know the drill by now, the properties belong to Jumpstart and Altus.
08/04/18 Sunday


I woke up that morning refreshed, not surprising since I slept like a log. With today’s goal in mind, Jaidenenk and I quickly got through our breakfast and got ready to go back to the Dream Realm to save Ari as soon as possible. Before we headed out, Jaidenenk stopped me outside of my room.
“Shinji, I couldn't say this yesterday since I was Gelert-tired, but thank you. Hearing that you would stick by me, that you’d still be my friend. That meant a lot to me, especially after all my fears were laid bare like that.” Jaidenenk said.
“Hey, it’s no problem man. You and Arianoli are the first friends I've had in forever and you two just so quickly accepting me as a friend. No one has ever done that for me before and I remember how nice it is to have friends now.” I said with a smile.
“So you really don’t mind that I was a tomb-robber?” Jaidenenk asked.
“Really, I don't mind at all. It's in the past and you had your reasons. I feel like with the kind of person you are, you wouldn’t have done it if you had the choice.” I replied. “Anyway, your Nightmare said something else interesting.”
“Oh yeah?” Jaidenenk said, looking a bit nervous.
“I didn't forget it said that you like Arianoli.” I whispered in his ear. Jaidenenk went an interesting shade of tomato, which said all I needed to know. “When were you going to tell her that?” I asked him.
“Never! She's too good for me!” Jaidenenk replied, flustered.
“Honestly, I think you might find she feels the same, on love and on not caring what you were in the past.” I said.
“You really think so?” Jaidenenk said. I nodded, confident in what I was saying.
“You two have been close for years, right? Why wouldn’t she want to get closer to a cool guy like you who has all the girls staring at him?” I said with a grin.
“Girls stare at me? I actually never noticed.” Jaidenenk said.
“Of course you didn’t. It happens when you have eyes for only one.” I teased.
“Oh ha, ha. Come on, Shinji. Let’s go save Ari and let’s see if we can do it in style.” Jaidenenk said, breaking out into a grin. Then the tingly feeling came back along with Janus speaking to me in my head.

Thou art I and I am thou
Thou hast established a new bond
Thou must nurture this newfound bond
So it may give thee thy strength on the path ahead
Thou shalt now be blessed
When creating Personas of the Chariot Arcana

Another Arcana from tarot. I really needed to ask Igor about this. Then I remembered where I was and that Jaidenenk was still looking at me expectantly. I quickly nodded to Jaidenenk, hoping he hadn't noticed the lapse.
“Yeah, let's!”


Back in Arianoli’s dreamworld, we swept the first floor of the mansion again to make sure that we hadn't missed anything. After finding nothing new, we decided to move on to the second floor. I felt slightly more confident about exploring having three Goho-m’s in hand that Seriya had given me. A Goho-m would take us straight out of Ari’s dreamworld and back into the Dream Realm, which was useful if Jaidenenk and I got into a tight spot and needed to get out right there and then.
“If this is truly the Boardare Mansion in dreamform, my quarters and other empty quarters should be on this floor. Also, I think that Arianoli may be on the third floor as that’s where her quarters are” Jaidenenk said. He had knowledge of the Boardare Mansion, having stayed there for long periods of time.
“Yeah, but to get up to the third floor we need to use the elevator and to use it we need a keycard.” I said.
“If it is required to proceed, a Shadow must have it.” Seriya informed us.
“Oh, marvelous.” I said sarcastically. Jaidenenk patted, or more aptly, pounded my back making me stagger a little.
“Eh, we’ll take down any Shadows that stand our way easily.” He said, brimming with confidence. I shrugged, figuring he was probably right. The first Shadows we ran into was another Pixie like the several we had run into before.
“Wait! I have one more thing to teach you!” Seriya called, stalling us. “There is something else you can do when you exploit an enemies weakness. You can talk to Shadows and ask them to offer items or money in exchange for their life. Shadows often carry all sorts of items and Neopoints. They were created in a place meant for Neopets and Faeries so it makes sense they would value the same things. Now, hit that Pixie with something that it’s weak to.”
I had higher speed than Jaiden so I went first. I shot down the Pixie with my pistol and as went into position for the All-Out-Attack, I spoke up.
“Hey, you! We’ll spare you if you have any money or items to give us!” I said to the Pixie. The Pixie looked up at me and actually spoke.
“You would really let me go if I gave you money or an item? Well, this is super awkward because I actually don’t have anything on me.” She replied.
“Oh my. That is awkward and ruins my teaching moment too.” Seriya muttered.
“Wait, although I may not have anything, there is something I can do for you. I can just offer myself! I remembered I’m not a Shadow.” The Pixie said.
“Wha?” Jaidenenk said, looking as confused as I felt.
“I’m Pixie and as long as you take care of me, I am you.” The Pixie said and suddenly she turned into a glittering light that went into my Dreamcatcher. I knew that somehow, I now had two Personas.
“What?! You, you made that Pixie into a second Persona?!” Seriya said in shock.
“Um… Yes?” I said, just as shocked and bewildered.
“Aw, no fair! Why do you get two Personas?” Jaidenenk said, looking rather envious.
“Well, that was a surprise, but this is good! We can use this to our advantage!” Seriya said, a note of excitement in her voice. “Since you seem to able to wield multiple Personas, you’ll be very versatile and be able to handle any situation or take any job in battle. Of course, I believe those who can only hold one Persona like Jaidenenk will always do what their Persona does best, better than what you can with a similar Persona. Just keep that in mind.”
I nodded, filing what Seriya had said away for when I needed it.

We continued on and entered Jaidenenk’s quarters. The first room was big and rather empty.
“Uh, there’s five rooms to each quarters including the bathroom and bedroom. I’ve only got stuff in my bedroom and one other room. I’m working on it through.” Jaidenenk said sheepishly.
“No worries man. I don’t think I could fill up five rooms this big either.” I admitted. After going through two more empty rooms until arriving in Jaidenenk’s bedrooms and finding a person in dark armour, riding what looked like a red, wingless and hornless Uni. He looked more powerful than most of the Shadows we’d already met.
“He looks important. Think he’s got the keycard?” Jaidenenk whispered to me.
“Well, there’s really only one way to find out.” I whispered back. We approached the Shadow and it spoke.
“I was told to expect your arrival.” It said, then it held up the keycard we were looking for. “I was told you’d want this. Come at me, if you dare to.”
“Oh, we dare!” Jaidenenk said and we both jumped into battle.
“That’s a Berith of the Hierophant Arcana. Something messing up my scan though so I don’t know what it’s weakness is!” Seriya said. It ended up that whatever the Berith was weak to, we didn’t have it, so we just had to pound it into the ground as hard as we could. We eventually defeated it and got the keycard. Jaidenenk picked up the keycard and let out a long-suffering sigh.
“Aw… This is an employee keycard. Employees aren’t allowed on Ari’s floor. We need a house-member card and if there isn’t one in here, it must be in Andrés office, which we will be able to get to with this.” He explained. After he said that a weird feeling swept through the room and I heard Arianoli’s voice echo throughout it.
“Jaidenenk is such a nice guy. I feel no shame whatsoever having him as my friend. No matter what those snobs think. They think they I shouldn’t associate with those under my social standing. Why should we gave a damn about that?Their ancestors weren’t so different before they came into their money and my Daddy wasn’t so different either. But they’ll never understand and while it never shows on the outside, my heart always bleeds on the inside because I’ll never be good enough. I’d never tell him what they think of him though. He doesn’t deserve that pain being heaped on him as well.”
The weird feeling passed as Arianoli’s last words faded away.
“I… I would have been able to bear it if she had let me.” Jaidenenk said. “I’m used to being shit-talked.”
“Well, we better get to Arianoli so you can tell her that.” I said to him.

We took the elevator to the fourth floor, the floor where all the work for the Boardare Corporation took place. We worked our way down to Andrés’, Arianoli’s father’s, office only to find we needed a key to get into the office which was either in the possession of a Shadow or was laying out on the floor somewhere. We searched thoroughly encountering there new Shadows called Silky, Agathion and Succubus. I managed to get an Agathion on my side, bringing my Persona count up to three. Jaidenenk still seemed a little jealous, but kept his head in the game. We soon came across a fancy lounge room decked out in red velvet and dark leather. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling.
“Never been in this room.” Jaidenenk murmured.
“Sure is swanky.” I replied. And mysteriously shadow-free. I thought to myself. Then I spied a keyring with a bunch of golden keys. It was obvious that one of them was the right key. I tried to pick up the key ring but was instantly repelled straight into a wall. Ouch.
“Geez! Are you okay, man?!” Jaiden asked me as he helped me back on my feet.
“Yeah, I’m alright. Just didn’t expect to be pushed back by a bunch of keys.” I said. Then a black figure rose from the floor and picked up the keyring.
“Only one.” It hissed. Its meaning was clear, we could only choose one key.
“Right, any ideas on what the right one is?” I asked.
“Don’t look at me. I know nothing.” Seriya replied.
“Dang, I never saw the key. But I do remember Ari telling me the key to her Dad’s office was not the kind of key a rich man would use.” Jaidenenk said. I thought on this for a while. Not the kind of key a rich man would use. None of the glittering golden keys seemed to fit the description, them all being so ornate and shiny. Then I spotted a dull, silver key hiding amongst the rest of the keys. As I looked at it, I got a strong feeling that it was the right key and without thinking I pointed at it and said,
“That’s the one.”
And it dropped from the keyring into my hand.
“You have chosen wisely. Fyoraspeed to you.” The black figure said and disappeared along with the rest of the keys.
“I guess this is the one.” I said.
“She was right. It is rather plain and dull, not something you’d think a rich man would use. Probably the idea.” Jaidenenk added. Then the weird feeling we felt in Jaidenenk’s room came again and new voices came with it.
“Oh, Miss Boardare! Would you consider meeting my son? He’s very interested in meeting you.”
“Interested in my money you mean.”
“Miss Arianoli! Such a perfect young lady you are! You must have suitors lining up to marry you.”
“Only for my status.”
“Arianoli, why do you associate with that common boy?”
“He’s my friend…”
“Ugh, you shouldn’t be friends with commoners!”
“Why not, Jaidenenk’s just as much of a person as we are.”
“He’s not of the correct pedigree.”
“And unless you want to be Nouveau Riche forever, you’ll marry someone of your social standing.”
“And that common Kougra is far below you.”
“He’s a disgrace and you’ll be too if you keep being around him.”
“No, that’s not true! Stop it. Stop it! STOP IT! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

Jaidenenk and I winced at the scream at the end.
“I had no idea she had to deal with all of that…” Jaidenenk said quietly.
“It is quite sickening. Whom she spends her time with is her choice and her business.” Seriya said, looking disgusted.
“I think both times we just heard what Arianoli’s truly afraid of. She’s afraid of the criticism and attention she gets just because of her wealth, looks and status because she fears its all others will ever see her for in the end.” I said sadly. Jaidenenk straightened his shoulders, a new determination shone in his eyes.
“Well, we’ll show her that’s not the case. We see her for the great person she is and we’ll prove that to her! Right, Shinji?” He said.
“You betcha!” I replied.

Of course, things could never be easy for us. When I unlocked the office door, we found a Shadow waiting for us. It was a humanoid wearing armour with a pair of feathery wings sticking out the back of it. Naturally it had the key. But it wasn’t one for words and attacked us as soon as we had stepped through the door, keycard in hand.
“Sorry, guys. You’re on your own. All I’m getting here is that it’s called an Archangel and it’s of the Justice Arcana!” Seriya said. Her scanning abilities were leaving much to be desired. Thankfully, Jaidenenk was able to take it down with his Zio spell and with the All-Out-Attack on top of that, it fell to our might. Jaidenenk picked up the card and smiled.
“Yes! This is exactly the keycard we need! We can now get to Arianoli’s floor!” Jaidenenk said.
“It’s likely the Boss Nightmare is there. I hope you two are ready for a big fight.” Seriya said. Jaidenenk and I both knew we were more than ready. We were going to kick ass.


We arrived on the fourth floor and rushed to Arianoli’s room and found two Arianolis. The one wearing the Shenkuu Imperial High School uniform was quite obviously the real one as the one facing her was was wearing a black dress with a printed heart that seemed to be bleeding.
“Oh, an audience! How delightful!” The other Arianoli said. It spoke with Arianoli’s voice overlaid with same sinister voice Nightmare Jaidenenk’s voice was.
“What are you two doing here?! Get out of here!” The real Arianoli yelled at us.
“Oh dear. Neither of us seem to have our manners today, hm? Well, let me fix that in my case. You may call me Nightmare Arianoli.” Nightmare Arianoli said with a sickly grin. “As for you, why do you want our audience to leave? Oh I get it. You’re afraid aren’t you? Afraid for them to know about how much of a bleeding heart you are. How you decided to attend a boarding high school just so you could get away from everyone who criticised you and only associated with you because of money. But it didn’t end now did it? It just followed you except everyone just talks about everything behind your back. About your wealth, about your status, about your looks and about your disgraceful crush on-.”
“No! Don’t say it!” Arianoli pleaded.
“Say what? Say you have an endless crush on Jaidenenk Cloud who is standing right there? Oops.” Nightmare Arianoli said. The heart on her dress began to bleed profusely.
“Wait a minute, what?” Jaidenenk said, his mind obviously mind blown even though it was not the time for that.
“I, I didn’t want you to know.” Arianoli sobbed.
“I know every single skeleton in your closet, dear. You’re scared of them and in turn are scared of me. After all, I am your Nightmare.” Nightmare Arianoli said. It then transformed into a princess, locked in chains with a bleeding heart on her chest. “And now her crush and friend will die!” Nightmare Arianoli gloated.
“Arianoli’s fear it too great for you to fight it!” Seriya said in a panic.
“Jaidenenk! You’ve got to say something to her! You’re the only one that could snap her out of this?” I called to him.

I heard Shinji call out to me and I knew he was right. But what could I say that would convey how much she meant to me? Then the answer suddenly came to me. No words were needed. I made my way to the real Arianoli, doing my best to dodge Nightmare Arianoli’s strikes. I then kneeled down in front of her. Arianoli looked at me, tears in her eyes and her blond hair in tangles. I gave her a big hug, the biggest hug I had ever given her and just in case the message wasn’t quite clear. I spoke to her.
“Arianoli, I like you for the person you are! You’re brave, feisty, loyal, kind-hearted and most of all, you saw worth in a worthless street orphan like me. You saw my blind eye and didn’t look at me with a mix of disgust and pity. You accepted me for who I am and I will always accept you for who you are. Shinji will too. We know you are so much more than wealth, looks and status and whoever thinks that you aren’t isn’t even worth a microsecond of your time… I love you, Arianoli.”

I gasped. Did Jaidenenk just say that he loved me? And not just that, that he loved me for who I was? And that Shinji liked me for who I was too? I looked at his eyes and he wasn’t wearing his contact lense, all his eyes had was sincerity. I then knew that with Jaidenenk and Shinji by my side I had nothing to be afraid of. Much less my Nightmare who was truly quite pathetic.
“You know. I am scared of all those things, some more than others. But I have good friends by my side and with them I have the power to overcome anything, including you! I am not scared of you!” I said to my Nightmare. Jaidenenk’s face broke out into a grin and I was sure Shinji’s did too. My Nightmare screamed in anguish. Pain suddenly wracked my body and I almost wanted to cry again from the pain. A voice began to speak. “You’ve learned that no one’s opinion of you really matters besides your own. You’re beautiful no matter what. Are you ready to show the beauty you have within as well as the beauty on the outside?” It said. “Let’s dazzle the world and beguile everyone who would dare stand against our love for the world!”
“You’re on!” I replied, feeling more alive than I had felt in ages.
“I was hoping you would say that! I am thou and thou art I! Let us spread love and beauty to all.”
A pink and white dreamcatcher, the strings in the middle forming a heart, appeared before me. I grabbed it and my own Persona burst out of it. She was a beautiful Royal Wocky with long lustrous blond hair. She wore very skimpy pink and white clothes that barely covered her breasts and butt and flat out showed a lot of skin.
“Hello, Persona.” I said.
“I am Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love! I’m every bit as gorgeous as I a, thou and thou is me!”

Arianoli’s Persona was enough to even make the most steadfast monk blush with how beautiful she was. Trust a beautiful girl to have a beautiful Persona.
“Shinji, the Nightmare is weakened enough. Attack it now!” Seriya informed me.
“Hey, Arianoli! Want to join Jaidenenk and me in kicking the ever-loving heck out of your Nightmare?” I called to Ari.
“Do I ever! Let’s go, Aphrodite!” She replied.
“Time to kick some butt!” Jaidenenk said enthusiastically. And kick butt we did. It was mostly physical with us, but it’s sole magic attack, Bloody Tears was pretty powerful, so powerful that when it telegraphed that it was going to use it, we all guarded. But it was weak to Aphrodite’s Bufu spell, which Arianoli dished out with no hesitation. Despite that, Nightmare Arianoli was resilent, even with the debuffs we were dropping on her. But we managed to quite handily beat her and it shrunk out of existence.
“Your nightmare is over now, Ari. Now you should be able to wake up in the real world.” I told Arianoli.
“I know. Thank you both, for coming to save me. I would have slept forever if it weren’t for you. I’ll see you in the waking world.” Arianoli said. “And Jaidenenk? We need to have a talk.”
“Got it.” Jaidenenk said weakly. Then Arianoli disappeared with a flash of light.
“Time to go home. Let’s all get out of here so I can get you two home.” Seriya said.

Late Night

Jaidenenk and I decided we’ll go and see Arianoli tomorrow. Saving her from her Nightmare had taken its toll on us and we didn’t want to fall asleep in fromt of her. For once, my sleep was not troubled by dreams and I could only hope that was a good thing.
Persona Neo - 08/04/18 Sunday

And here we are with more Persona Neo. I know it’s been a while. This unfortunately is as usual for me. Anyway, time to explain Arianoli’s new Persona, new Shadows and let’s not forget Nightmare Arianoli.

Aphrodite is the greek goddess of Love and Beauty. Myths say she was born from the sea, inside a clam shell. She’s known for being a jealous cow and being unhappily married to Hephaestus, God of Fire and Metal-working. As a Persona, she of the Lovers Arcana and she learns the entire line of Bufu spells. She also learns the entire line of healing spells and will also learn status inflicting moves. Most notably, Marin Karin.

The three new Shadows are as follows

Berith is of the Hierophant Arcana. He is, in The Lesser Key of Solomon, the twenty-eighth spirit listed in the Goetia. He rides a gigantic red horse and burns those without manners. He is a Great Duke of Hell with twenty-six legions of demons under his command. He is depicted as a knight or soldier wearing red armour and a golden crown. He’s a physical fighter, having skills like Cleave and Double Fangs

Silky is of the Priestess Arcana. She is a Scotland household fairy who wears a dress of rustling silk and does household chores while everyone sleeps. She’ll also terrorise any servants that are being lazy. A healer type learning Dia and Patra.

Agathion is of the Chariot Arcana. It is a term used for a familiar that appears in a human or animal form, sometimes in rings and bottles. This particular one is in a jar. Is mostly a support caster, learning skills like Dia and Rakukaja.

Succubus has the Moon Arcana and is the female counterpart to the Incubus. Succubus seduce men instead of women. They are similar to the Incubus in the way of learning skills to debilitate enemies.

Archangel is of the Justice Arcana. Archangels are one of the few bodies of angels that contact those on the material plane directly and are the ministers and messengers between God and mankind. Archangel is understandably equiped with Bless spells like Hama and Makouha.

Now, for Nightmare Arianoli. Their Arcana is the Lovers Arcana, but reversed. She was formed from Arianoli’s fear of no one seeing her for who she was and the pain it brought her, hence the bleeding heart. She also felt he was trapped in these perceptions as they did follow her, leading to the chains. She is a heavily physical fighter, using mostly physical skills during her battle. But her magic strength is a force to be reckoned with when she uses Bloody Tears.

Disclamer: I do not own Neopets or Persona, they belong to Jumpstart and Atlus respectively.
In Faerieland there is an old custom that is still followed by all Faeries. When a Faerie Neopet is born, the newborn will be blessed with a special gift by a certain Faerie. Depending on the month they were born. Some got blessed by common Faeries such as Fire and Air Faeries, while others were lucky enough to be blessed by Aethia the Battle Faerie or Mira the Space Faerie. Some were even lucky enough to be born on the month that Queen Fyora herself gives a blessing to newborn Faerie Neopets. But not all these blessings are gifts, some can be curses and some can be can be both. Not too terribly long ago a woman was give a blessing that was a gift and a curse, depending on how one used it. This woman is know as Lady Dynaheir.

Lady Dynaheir was born as a Faerie Blumaroo under the name Arianna Dynaheir. She was born in the month of June and the Water Faeries bless every Faerie Neopet child born that month. The Water Faerie who blessed Arianna, her name was Peritia, spend a long time looking at Arianna when she was placed before her.
"She needs a very special blessing." Peritia had whispered and finally she smiled. "Arianna Dynaheir, I bless you with the Gift of Knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful thing and can change the course of many lives, including your own. May you use this gift wisely." Peritia proclaimed as she placed her finger on the newborn's forehead to give her blessing to the child. So Arianna grew up with the blessing of the Gift of Knowledge and was regarded a genius because of the vast information she had because of the gift. She didn't spend very long in school because the Gift of Knowledge taught her everything she'd ever need to know. But as a result, Arianna grew up very lonely. She was seen as a freak by almost all the children her age throughout her childhood. Most saw her as truly blessed, while she saw herself as truly cursed.


When Arianna grew into an adult, she opened a fortune-telling shop in Faerieland. Some Light Faeries did fortune-telling. But by the time Arianna was grown, Faerieland had fallen because of the events of The Faerie's Ruin and all the Light Faeries were busy using their fortune-telling skills to see the uncertain fate of Faerieland. So people came to Arianna instead under the moniker of Lady Dynaheir which she had chosen for herself. Although her Gift of Knowledge did not allow her to see into the future, it allowed her to make an educated and often accurate guess because of the vast knowledge it provided her with. If anyone asked her where something or someone was, she'd know immediately as her Gift of Knowledge told her exactly where it or they were. She, of course asked payment for her services and as her success grew, as did her wallet. She started to accumulate a fortune. This was the first time Arianna had felt blessed by her gift. She made a handsome sum of money everyday and everyone who went to her loved her for her gift. She didn't feel so lonely anymore. But it wasn't long before things grew bad for Arianna.

Suspicious people began to enter her shop, asking her questions that she was unwilling to answer. She, at first treated them like any other customer, but as she wondered how they were using her knowledge. Her Gift of Knowledge gave her the horrible truth of who these people were. They were not people to be trusted with the knowledge she could give them. They could do very bad things with it. Eventually, she began to refuse these same people her services. But these people were not easily stopped. They often sent others to get their answers from her in their stead, obviously not aware that her gift would tell her if they were sent by them, so she could refuse them service. But the worry that her next customer could be sent by these horrible people took its toll on her. She awoke most days tired and stressed. After a few more weeks of worrying and stress, Arianna closed the doors of her fortune-telling service. She'd had enough of worrying about those suspicious people and those who they sent in their stead. But furthermore, she was afraid that even though she would no longer run a fortune-telling service, that they would still try to get answers from her. She thought of these things over and over as she looked into a river nearby her home. She hoped that the babbling of the river would calm her nerves.
"You did not use your blessing wisely like I hoped you would." A soft voice said. Arianna turned worriedly to the sound of the voice to find herself looking at a Water Faerie.
"W-who are you?" Arianna asked her.
"My name is Peritia. I am the Water Faerie that blessed you when you were born." Peritia replied.
"Oh, so you're the one who gave me this curse!" Arianna said bitterly.
"The Gift of Knowledge that was my blessing to you. It can be a gift or a curse depending on how you use it." Peritia stated. "It was only a curse to you because you didn't use it wisely. You used it for the wrong things. Like making a simple fortune out of them."
"Then what am I supposed to use it for?" Arianna asked.
"You're supposed to use it wisely. You must use your gift when you feel you must, Arianna Dynaheir. Follow your head and your heart and they won't steer you wrong. However, those people you worry about. I think you may have to run from Faerieland to escape them." Peritia said.
"Wait, how did you know about those people?" Arianna asked, alarmed.
"Arianna. One of the meanings of Peritia is knowledge. I blessed you with a gift I, myself possessed." Peritia replied with a smile. Arianna just stared at her, a little shocked. "Now, here. Take this." Peritia said, pressing a Skunk Paint Brush into Arianna's hands. "Take that to the Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central and paint yourself with it. They won't recognise you then. Then take yourself and your fortune anywhere but here. Only then will you be safe." Peritia continued.
"Alright. But why are you helping me?" Arianna said.
"So many questions... Because you were the only child I ever got to bless. You hold a special place in my heart and to see my blessing causing you so much pain... I'm sorry." Peritia said with a sigh. Arianna smiled and gave the Water Faerie a hug.
"It's alright and thank you, for helping me."


So Arianna flew quickly to Neopia Central and painted herself skunk with the Paint Brush Peritia gave her and her powder blue short fur changed to black with a white stripe running down her back. However she was surprised to find that her wings hadn't left with her Faerie colouring. They had just transformed into purple, butterfly-like wings with a floral pattern. She guessed that she was just simply meant to have wings no matter what she was painted. However, she did look quite different regardless and with her fortune that she had made from fortune-telling, she could settle down wherever she pleased. Although her heart ached for Faerieland, she knew that she couldn't return there. In the end she chose Meridell. Partly because who would look for a fortune-telling Faerie Neopet there? And partly because she liked the sound of the medieval land. So went there and bought herself a nice estate, fit for a noble. She even became a member of Meridellian nobility because of her wealth and she gave up her fortune-telling forever, never telling anyone about her gift ever again. So she became known as Lady Dynaheir yet again, but the Lady was now a title attached to her because she was nobility and that suited her just fine. She had finally settled into a place where she didn't have to worry about those suspicious people anymore and could finally use her Gift of Knowledge wisely. Just like Peritia wanted her to.


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