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I haven't blogged much on here. Well, I do have a new costume to shoot and post soon. :) *hint* It's 80's cartoon related.... *more hint* she's a Thundercat. Lol.
I'll be in Orlando this weekend for Megacon!  Hope to see a lot of friendly faces!  Bringing the all red Wonder Girl, two piece Supergirl, Ariel, and Mary Jane.  Oh, and some Black Milk clothing and the Harley Quinn latex dress.  That should be enough outfits...  Maybe.  lol
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, guys. <3
I get a lot of inbox messages asking if it would be ok to use my photos for art reference.  The answer is yes, and I love seeing results from you awesome and creative people :)
I couldn't be more honored that my likeness was used for Supergirl's image in Supergirl issue #8, on stands currently, by legendary artist George Perez!  In gratitude I've decided to make the new 52 Supergirl suit, currently underway and going pretty well!  The lines on the suit have presented a challenge that will put my skills to the test, but I think I have a good way. :)  I hope to do George's art justice in bringing it to real life!  Here's a page from the issue:…
I had an absolutely amazing time with friends new and old at Dragon*con this past weekend!  I got to wear Red Sonja for the second time which went over amazingly well, and I got to debut Princess Daphne with a dashing and awesome Dirk the Daring!  I hung out with all of my Teen Titan friends as Wonder Girl, and got some amazing shots with the lovely Margie Cox as Wonder Woman and Cynthia as Donna Troy.  I posed with everyone from Gotham City as Black Canary, and my puppy was even there in her Ace the Bathound costume!  I go go danced on stage with Monique for the huge Saturday night rave.  I hung out and got pics with comic book artist friends George Perez and J. Scott Campbell. We drank, danced, laughed, got blisters on our feet from constantly running all over the place and I was seeing tons of stars in front of my face all night from camera flashes.  Post con blues are starting to set in, but I'm only just now starting to recover from it all as I continue to watch pictures flood in that captured wonderful memories.  Until next year!!
I'll be modeling for Drink n' Draw at the Mellow Mushroom of Decatur the first Monday of May which is May 2 at 8 pm.  I'll be wearing Red Sonja.  It is free.  :)
I shall be at Megacon in Orlando, Florida the last weekend of March. Very excited!  I'll be debuting my Red Sonja costume and also wearing Wonder Girl, Mary Jane, and possibly Ariel.  Hope to see a lot of friends and maybe make some new ones. Also hope to get a lot of awesome pictures of the newer costumes.  Looking forward to being in Florida in general and for some nice warm weather finally!
I have been getting many notes asking me permission to use my photos as art reference material. Yes, feel free, and I love to see results. :)  

Right now I am scrambling to get my Stephanie Brown Batgirl costume finished. I'm flying to New England Comic Con this weekend in Boston and then Boston Super Megafest in November where I will be modeling in front of a Batmobile and Batcycle replica.  Very excited!  Adam West and Burt Ward shall also be there. :)    

Pictures of Batgirl soon. I would say it is 85% completion. :)
With Dragon*con coming up quick I've found myself producing a lot of costumes! I may spend the entire con in the hotel room changing though with my list.  lol.  Currently I'm working on finishing up Black Cat and Princess Zelda which I'm excited about. Costumes I'm planning on taking to the con include:

Ms. Marvel
Wonder Girl
Abbey Chase
Black Cat
Black Canary

Yep, that's a lot but hey, it's a 4 day long convention.  I also need to finish my doggy's Krypto costume :superman: as she is going to be at the con with us and she is very excited for her first costume and first convention.
I don't know if I'll be able to keep up a blog here, but thank you all for the sweet comments and favs! Thank you also for the thoughtful feedback.  I especially appreciate those comments. For whatever reason I've had a lot of motivation lately and am back in full force. :) I have a lot of new projects I've started!  Coming up I have Black Canary, Batgirl, Abbey Chase, Sheena, Princess Ai, and Princess Zelda. :)  Yay!  My next con coming up is Megacon in Orlando in March and then Dragon*con in September as always. I'm hoping I will be able to afford a few more conventions as well. In between cons though there is always photoshoots. :)