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the Cat and the Spider

My buddy Cloud Zack Santiago as the Amazing Spiderman, myself as Black Cat. :)  Costumes each made by ourselves.  Shot by Your Mojo by Jojo studios!
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Damn! What a babe!
spiderinspandex's avatar
Wow when can we get together for a photo shoot my spandex Spiderman suit is ready black cat your amazing
Great job......any pix of you 2 killing each other ?
ncgrad2011's avatar
Love Black Cat as a character and you have done an awesome job with this.
b4yp's avatar
Very awesome! (.. and how Spidey doesn't have wood in the pic? Definitely has super powers..)
iAmCloudSky's avatar
Get it spidey! Aha. 
berndroesch's avatar
wow, this is a great hot outfit and your great beauty look so hot. I hope you show more images with this look
silkycat's avatar
You really do terrific work! All of your costumes are top notch!
JonnySchweer's avatar
I would love to see more of the Black Cat!!!
calley14's avatar
The poses speak volumes and you always seist to amaze with your sewing capabilities. ^_^
calley14's avatar
You are most welcome ^_^
zanacosplay's avatar
This is a truly gorgeous image! You guys are great cosplayers :D
AlisaKiss's avatar
Randommode's avatar
Lucky Zach lol 
paws4thot's avatar
You make a great pairing, particularly with how buff Zack obviously is.
TheDorkKnightReturns's avatar
That's the best Spider-Man costume I've seen in a long time. :)
tfcreate's avatar
Outstanding as always.
Arcalian's avatar
Spiderman wants an AlisaKiss :smooch:
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